• I did not see in your question of the issue of you having a eating disorder , you went off into left field about what your parents think .. sorry .. write a question that can be understood so we can help you ??
  • Why not look for attention by positive achievements and helping others rather than trying to get it by negative "sicknesses"?.
    • Ice man
      Good answer
    • Linda Joy
      Good suggestion even if she does actually have a disorder.
  • Putting a ? at the end of a statement does not make it a question. A proper question would be "Do you think I have an eating disorder?" Or "Do I have an eating disorder?" Based on the information given its impossible to diagnose whether or not you have an eating disorder, and most of us are not qualified to diagnose you anyway. Since you are concerned about what your parents think and they disagree perhaps a qualified mediator should be used. Or you could talk to your teacher, school counselor, health care provider, or spiritual adviser.
  • get sorne help for it

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