• If it's really cold, bottle
    • Nosmo King
      Does that mean if the drink is really cold, or if the bottle is really cold? Lol:)
    • Ice man
      @ Black Mystique - I agree.
    • Ice man
      @ Nosmo - when have you ever seen a hot drink in a cold bottle ... or vice versa ? : )
  • Only beer from the bottle, and only if sitting outside when drinking it. Several reasons: Bugs, warms up too fast in heat and fitting in with others drinking from the bottle. BTW - I can drink from any bottle without problems, but it does not look good.......
    • Ice man
      I can picture you sitting under the awning on a sunny day, with a cold bottle of beer in your hand. Besides .. who cares what the neighbor thinks, right ?
  • If it's beer, I prefer to drink it from a glass. If it's a soft drink in a plastic bottle, I usually drink it out of the bottle.
    • Ice man
      If I'm at a bar - I'll ask for a glass. If I'm outside - beer out of the bottle tastes good to me. Just don't put your bottle down until it's empty. Smokers think empty beer bottles make convenient ashtrays and accidents happen. lol
    • ladyEmma
      Same here. I like to drink beer out of a glass when I'm at a bar or at home. If I'm outside, then I prefer a bottle.
  • From a glass.
    • Ice man
      How refined ! : ) I noticed you the other day, nice to see you back and also no longer anonymous (g). ; )
  • It depends on the beverage and the bottle and the situation. If it's a soda in a plastic bottle, then I'd much prefer a glass. I prefer beer in a glass, but straight from the bottle is fine too if I'm outdoors. Also, I don't like cans. Whether it's soda or beer, I always opt for a glass when available.
    • Ice man
      At least beer bottles have been high temperature sanitized, then scanned and rejected if not right. But cans have to be the dirtiest thing you can drink out of. Sure the inside is clean, but what's to say a mouse (or whatever) didn't piss on the can tops before you bought them.?
    • ladyEmma
      Exactly. Cans are so gross. And even though I'm going to use a glass any way, I prefer to buy bottled beer for at home.
  • Either
  • bottle, especially since i live alone
  • Bottle
  • Depends, If it's a small bottle and I don't intend to share it, then yes. Otherwise I use a glass. I have nothing but contempt for dullards who "gob" the bottle and then share it.
  • the bottle since i live alone anyways

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