• Trump will say anything to protect his absurdly over-inflated ego.
    • ansam
      But did he say that? Was it on the 7th of November.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Yea, well now it's August 2017, and he's proposing we should collect all the voter information from all 50 states and let him "guard it". He then went on to get half the republicans to agree that we need to postpone *ahem* the next presidential election, to ensure no false voting occurs (yea, that's why). He attacks reporters, and any and every body, agency, or law that gets in his way gets eliminated. But hey, I don't see any dictator-like tendencies, do you?. I see a great orange hope!!! A FLUCKING GENIUS who's making America great!!... and dutifully fulfilled all 600 campaign promises he made about what he'd do on his first day in office, including replacing the health care we want to keep with a tax break for rich people. Yay!! Woo hoo!! HEIL! HEIL! ...HEIL THE GREAT ORANGE TWIT AND THE ASSHOLES WHO VOTED FOR HIM, WHO WON'T ADMIT IT NOW!!

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