• No! Lol
    • Ice man
      When I saw the article I scratched my head and laughed at the same time.
    • RareCatch
      Wow Nov.15
  • That's a weird law. Wouldn't it make more sense to pass a law requiring noisy cars to make less noise? They are annoying enough as it is, without requiring them to make more noise.
    • Ice man
      They have laws about noisy cars too. This is aimed at electric cars and such, because they are silent and you can't hear them coming at you. They are worried that blind people and other pedestrians could step out in front of one of these (tongue in cheek) silent killers !! lol
  • I couldn't get the page to load but that's interesting I'll have to come back and look that up and no I didn't think I would. I know some of the hybrids are really quiet
    • Ice man
      Here's the link ...
  • 8-12-2017 You might be interested to learn that most cars now have noise makers because customers expect to hear an exhaust note INSIDE THE VEHICLE. That especially applies to pickups.
  • All battery cars should be made to sound like an idling diesel truck: gr-d-d gr-d-d gr-d-d gr-d-d gr-d-d gr-d-d gr-d-d gr-d-d eeeep!
    • Ice man
      That wouldn't hurt my feelings, but a truck sound might have a negative affect on sales.

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