• Well, you better hope so because your pupil only contracts according to visible light. That is why when you go to a store with a black light display, the lamps are behind and above you where you can't look directly into the source of the light.
    • RondoHunter
      There is no danger to the eye when looking directly into the light given off by a black-light.
  • Not necessarily. Even in the presence of a cloud cover where the sky is darkened, if the sun is out then ultraviolet waves can and do reach the ground. So you can get a tan/burn from the sun on a cloudy day. It just takes a bit longer. Most UV light is filtered by the Earth's atmosphere, but not all. UV lights do give off ultraviolet light but it is significantly less so than the output of the sun, so less worry for us who enjoy a good velvet Elvis painting glowing under a black light.

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