• The nation is collapsing. In a short while you may not be able to get food at reasonable prices. Then you will be glad you have some food in your house.
    • Azlotto
      I totally agree...That's why I study and practice the ancient ways of food preservation.
    • Jewels Vern
      I don't know about preservation, except that I always put a bay leaf in with any grain product. It kills the bug eggs. Even packaged products like spaghetti tend to have bug eggs. Other than that, my only philosophy is to buy what's on sale and buy enough that I don't have to run out soon. Eight years ago butter went on sale for a buck a pound. I bought a hundred pounds and froze it. I am still enjoying that bargain!
    • Jewels Vern
      12-05-2016 He is saying within five years. Of course timing and details of collapses are always random.
  • Hadn't really thought about it before this, but after a fashion I guess I am. My house is well stocked with just about everything I would need for about 6 months. The exception being fresh fruit and perishables.
    • Suzy-Q
      Where do you live? I can come visiting after the end. 😁
    • Ice man
      Canada, bring your waterpipe. ;)
    • Azlotto
      @Ice man..6 months of food kinda makes you a prepper. I hope you have 6 months of water in stock.
    • Ice man
      It's only about a quarter mile to the river, I just have to follow the deer trail.
  • No, but I see no downside in being prepared for an emergency, regardless of it's nature.

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