• Yeah it does seem to be dragging along. But then it is a series so it can't rush right through in two hours and be done with it like the original 1973 film. I'm still on the fence but it's not looking too good. Don't know how much longer I'll follow it. OH! Majel Barrett (Star Trek fame) was in that one, I did not know. Thank you IMDB.
  • Yeah, really slow. I find myself distracted by something on my iPad and I look up and it's nearly over. Not very engaging.
  • The movie was one of the best. I can't possibly watch an imitation.
    • Black Mystique
      Let me check out the original cause this is dragging to me.
  • I think it's awesome actually! I've never thought it was slow. It is a very cool and unique series so far.
  • I watched the original film at the movies. I can't imagine anyone being the gunslinger as well as Yul Brenner.

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