• Take her to court , my goodness she knows what she's done and didn't care how it affected you + 5
  • This happened to my Ex-fiancee. Her sister ran up debts and took out credit cards and loans in her name while she was in the hospital. I told her to sue her sister and have those debts transfered to her sister and she refused. I had to help her file bankruptcy because of it. Her excuse was she is my sister and I love her. How much love is it to do that to a sibling? I wouldn't talk to my parents if they did that to me. Take her to court.
  • If that were me I could care less what the rest of the family thought of me I would report her to the authorities and have her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for Identity theft. If it causes hard feelings with other family members oh freakin well. Call me heartless mean cruel or whatever. There is no way I am gonna screw my own credit up worse than it already is just to keep peace in the family.
  • No, not only would I not speak with the crazy heffer, I'd haul her as$ into court and force her to pay the debt she owes.
  • I would take her ass to court!
  • I agree with many others- it appears that your sister-in-law has no regard for you at all. I'd try to keep things "cordial" in family situations, basically by not talking to her so there would be no murder at that particular gathering. I certainly would take her to court, though- if at all possible.
  • If I did ever speak to her again she would have to make it up such as being my maid for a while to pay back the debt.
  • Sure I'd talk to her.....When I sued her ass for Identity theft! But in all seriousness, any personal relationship would be over. That's a LOT of money. It's not like she slipped a few bucks off your coffee table. I'd press charges. It's not your debt and you shouldn't be held liable, but I know that unless you take criminal action you could be held responsible. You shouldn't have to deal with all of the negative repercussions of filing for Bankruptcy. But I'm a mean girl on whom pleas of "but she's family!!!" would fall on deaf ears. If it is super important for you to keep "peace" in your family, you could just let it go, but I think it would always be there, festering in the background, and your relationship with your sister-in-law is never going to be good regardless, because she obviously has little to no respect for you.
  • I would file a police report - reporting her for identity theft and then I would dispute the charges with the debtor. Would I still talk to her. Oh Yeah! Every chance I got I'd tell her what I thought of her and her lack of integrity. If she'd do that to family, imagine what she'd be willing to do to strangers...
  • Do NOT file bankruptcy! Take her butt to court! Bankruptcy will ruien your credit for just about life. Talk to a lawyer...FAST!
  • I would not talk to her because she is not family. SHE IS AN IN-LAW!! I would let my husband know that his sister deserves to hear it from him too, if it a sister in-law due to her marrying your brother. Well I would tell him that his wife did not deserve to have him in her life and that I love him but am going to do one or two things. Have her sign a payment plan back, that is a binding contract with witness's so then you can take her to court at a later date...or take her to court right away. Either way I would tell my husband or brother it is up to them to try to talk some sense in her cause my ass certainly did not ask her to be part of my family.
  • No, I wouldn't talk to her. I'd also report her to the authorities for identity theft and sue her for the money in court.
  • Not only would I not talk to her, but I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire. I would be going to the police and filling an identy theft and fraud complaint against her. And the last sight she would have of me is me laughing as they hauled her ass off to jail.
  • Sure, I'd talk to her... in court, while explaining to a judge what she did. After that, I'd still talk to her.
  • Talk to her, NO, I would throw her ass in jail, why should you ruin your credit for her, write the creditors and prove she did it.
  • DO NOT!! and I repeat DO NOT file for bankruptcy at all, get your bum down to a lawyer fast and drag this cow into court ... this is fraud and she MUST be held accountable and made to pay ... its the same law in England as it is out here in Australia so nail her arse to the wall...that will wipe the smile of her face ... why should you have to pay for her deception and no I wouldn't talk to the cow again and if your brother gets his nose out of joint ..stiff!!! he should be doing something about it ...
  • i would take her to court and have her be made to pay it and spend some time in jail for fraud. would you file bankruptcy if it was someone who you didnt know did that to you. no you would have them arrested and put in jail. do the same for her. make her pay for the money she spent in your name. put her in jail so she can think of what she did.
  • I wouldn't file bankruptcy, I would file identity theft reports left and right, though, and claim that the debt was not mine. I imagine you were not aware of the accounts? In the United States, if you can prove that it was identity theft, you do not owe the money. I'm not sure how it is in the UK, however. As for the second part of the question, I would talk to her in court. The family tie, though through marriage, is still there and can be tricky and awkward. That doesn't mean that you should ignore what she has done. I would notify the creditors as well as the police immediately.
  • Had a cousin like that, if you talk to her you are a saint. I can't stand the site of my cousin.
  • Why dont you press fraud charges against her and let the courts make her pay it?

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