• A few neighborhood stores when I was in high school.
  • I am officially banned from Bloomingdales!
  • About 15 years ago, I was having an intense conversation with a friend in the parking lot of a Best Western hotel. Mr. Big Security Guard pulled up to us and asked what we were doing. I explained we were just talking and he informed us we could not park there. Irritated by his attitude, I began to argue that it was ridiculous that I couldn't sit in my car in a parking lot. After threatening to "take me downtown," he banned me forever from the property of any Best Western hotel in America. Right.
  • Never been banned, but I've been chucked out of a few bars/nightclubs though.
  • From the gas station near my house when I was younger. I would always tilt the pop bottles and find the ones that were winners and constantly had a supply of free 20 oz. coke product caps. It was like buy one get ones every time. One day the owner caught me and I was banned for a week.
  • yeah.... I got banned from this shop because I complained too loudly that they were selling crappy stuff that broke too easily, and didn't allow you to return things that broke before you got them out to your car...
  • My local shop when I was young. I picked up a bar of chocolate, asked how much it was and then asked if he could let me off a penny. He agreed, so I put the chocolate down, got myself a penny sweet and walked out. Ha ha! I though it was hilarious, but he obviously didn't see it that way as he chased me up the street (with a meat cleaver in his hand! We'd been terrorizing him for a little while though so he was pretty mad.) Since then I've been asked to leave a couple of pubs but nothing too serious, I don't think I'm officially banned from anywhere.
  • Yes , Years ago I had a habit of dancing on tables when I had been drinking. I no longer drink alchohol.
  • Never from a physical place. Just from, and only as a joke. Admins there have a proud tradition of banning each other (or themselves) for trivial reasons, no reason, or just for the sake of fun. It's really pretty pointless, because as an admin, you can unban yourself. :)
  • I got banned from a bar, long story... no answers to comments given.
  • I was once banned for the rest of the night from a college bar in my town called "Group Therapy". I was wearing a mini-skirt and stepped off the curb and sat in a mud puddle. The bouncer told my friend they would let me back in if I would just shut up, but I wouldn't or couldn't and they didn't let me back in...that night.
  • I was banned from a club once. The bouncer/ door guard guy wouldnt let me in! I didnt know why, so I said to him, "Hey man, do you know who I am!?" and he dragged me into the club, pushed me onto the stage and said through the microphone, " Does anyone know who this man is, he seems to have forgotten?"
  • walmart...for telling the over night manager to F off
  • all 8 of us,were not only Banned but given trespass warnings from 2 different "Rachel's" [ a gentlemen's club!!]
  • My old gaia online account was "accidentally banned". Damn I hate them.

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