• Well, that depends. South Beach and atkins are VERY similar, but South Beach is less restrictive in the early phases than Atkins. You'll probably lose weight faster on Atkins, but you may not be able to deal with the very restrictive guidelines for the first phase. Personally, I don't miss eating bread, pasta, potatoes, etc, so it's no problem for me to stick with the Atkins plan - and I fully realize that when I've reached my goal weight that I will probably be able to enjoy an occasional serving of those foods that have been off-limits thus far.
  • The difference of the South Beach diet from Atkins is the differentiation between good fats/bad fats and good carbs/bad carbs. On Atkins, all fats are allowed, no matter how saturated. All carbs are restricted, even healthy complex carbs. The South Beach diet makes a distinction and allows good fats and, after Phase One, good carbs. It's still effective but a flexibel and adaptive plan.
  • Neither.

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