• I haven't won, but I won a "Go Meat!" t-shirt from a sweepstakes once. (My mother's a vegetarian and I entered purely as a joke.)
  • no all i got was please buy this or that and a lot of junk mail and e-mails from them . it nothing but a big spam scam...
  • Actually, my mom got a check in the mail from PCH and was all excited that she won. We were laughing at her and told her it was a scam. She insisted on going to the bank right away to cash it. When she came home from the bank with $100 cash we stopped laughing. She took us out to dinner and I have been a believer ever since.
  • ive been waiting a long time to win im wondering myself if its real
  • I used to follow that, but winning it is like the lotto. You're just a grain of sand among other grains of sand. I just throw it in the garbage can now.

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