• Uh, with regards to Hitler, intrigued. The Third Reich is certainly an interesting part of European history to read about, and there's no shortage of secondary and primary sources. Stalin was an idiot, and Social-Fascist (if that's possible), with quite possible mental issues. Trotsky is probably the best name out of the bunch, but he still did some horrible things (although, taken in context, they were quite normal - the British army hanged deserters up to WWII). Osama bin Laden has only been proven to have financed the 9/11 terrorist attacks, not directed them. I'm of the Adam Curtis school of thought who believes that Al Qaeda is partly an American construction.
  • When I read your list I wonder why Marx is there... What exactly did he do that was "bad"? He was a political philosopher, that's all. And Trotsky isn't quite in the same legue as the others. Also, I wonder why Bin Laden is there. He's not is the same category as the others at all (they were all defined by their politics, not their religion.) And your list is more incomplete as it doesn't contain Pol Pot, Lenin, Mao, etc.
  • Time heals, while the beginning of that list did some horrific things, none of them hit as close to home as bin laden (purposely not capitalized, as I WANT to show disrespect). I will hate him for 911 for as long as I live. May he die a very violent, torturous, fiery death
  • I think that they're all human beings... they all did some good and some bad in their lives... on a positive note they've taught humanity some very important lessons. Hitler had some bad ideas and did a lot of bad things, the world wouldn't be as tolerant today if we hadn't gone through World War II. Stalin taught us some valuable lessons in Human Rights and the effects of extreme communism, again lots of important lessons. Marx wasn't as bad as the rest of them in my opinion, he worked a lot for the good of humanity and I think he taught some good lessons. Mussolini I don't know much about... I understand he was corrupt and made some bad decisions during his dictatorship. Bin Laden makes me think about conspiracy theories mainly, I feel that the truth about him is far from public knowledge... They're all people and although people can do bad things... we need to show some compassion!
  • Everyone has the right to their own opinion.
  • It isn't about how I feel but about the way the Rothschild family used and manipulated them to do the Rothschild's bidding in their taking control of the entire world. Watch and learn the truth of how your world and mine belongs to the Rothschild's

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