• Put Flour in a bag...
  • Grinding up chalk works better, as flour can get humid and turn to some kind of mould - too fake. ;)
  • That depends on who you are trying to fool and to what extent the fake stuff will be inspected. If you just want to fake a photograph of yourself holding a few kilograms of it, then almost any white powder will do. If you actually want to try selling it to people used to consuming it, then you will need to be a creative chemist and mix some REAL stuff with some cheaper other stuff that is harmless, or at least not a total poison. Meth-amphetamines are also white-ish crystal-powder, are cheaper, yet still give a similar high, but taste different when tongue sampled. Plain, unscented, baby talc can be added to the real stuff, as a filler to increase volume. Certain vitamins and certain pain pills (asprin) can also be powdered, mixed with real coke and other "neutral" fillers. Most street level coke is less than 50% actual coke ... some is barely 10% ... this is why street drug dealers make so much money ... they buy full kilos of REAL and pure coke, then add enough other stuff to double, triple, or more the volume & mass, then divide it into tiny single servings of about ½ a gram or less, mark up the price and then sell it. ... this is of course, NOT a safe thing to do as many of the coke users are ruthless and will kill over a bad drug deal.
  • Take a cup of Cocaine Helper. Mix in two cups of pure Cocaine.
  • Powered milk was used for the movie "Blow".
  • Talcum powder is very good.
  • You can sneak into the columburium and grab a loose urn, it was good enough to fool Kieth Richards.
  • Stupid question on so many levels.
  • That will get you arrested (in some places, anyway)or killed (when it comes to drugs, dealers have NO sense of humor) just as quick as the real thing.
  • baking soda, flour, crushed no doz, crushed niacin, and very small drops of orajel.(only use very small amounts at first for a test trial.) it works fairly nice. i'm still trying to figure out what else needs to be added...(this is my own experiment without using real cocaine at all) but, i would not recomend selling this to anyone, i would only suggest using this for personal use, only on occasion.
  • what about benzocaine because you still need product that will comeback when you cook it no
  • ok first u take sum bakinsoda an some sugur an a lil bit of salt an sum powderd origell an 2 caffine pills depinding on how much ur 2tbl spoons of powderd milk an mix it all up in a bowl with a lil bit of watter. microwave for 1min 30sec. or intill all tha watter is gone. it should start to look like real cocain. when u take it out mik just a lil bit more origell an bakinsoda. bag it up an do what u gota do.
  • Benzoncaine hcl mixed with methedrine (speed) pills. Make a reasonable balance of the 2. Like, for example, if the speed pills weigh .25, then it would take 1000 to make 250grams which is exactly one quarter the weight of one kilogram. And if you have a press, you're almost on your way to satisfying lots of midnight spenders. Next little trick I have is how to give the entire brick a genuine shine like the pure stuff from the south, you want that, send me an email to
  • How to make fake cocaine??? Its simple and totally legal ;-) Alls you need to do is buy a few stimulants e.g speed or pills (speed is better, you get a slightly similar effect as coke, and i do mean slightly lol) and mix it with lidocaine... Lidocaine is reasonably cheap and so is speed so if you are planning on selling it you will definitly get at least 5 or six times your money back, GAURANTEED ;) Heres the link to buy lidocaine: The lidocaine will make your mouth numb to fuck which will make the unlucky person whos buying it think its amazing and the speed will give them a bit of a buzz making them want more... If your planning on selling it, dont sell it cheap, people might get onto you, and of course, dont get high on your own supply, you know what it is after all lol!! If you need to know anything else, my e-mail address is Dont forget, drugs are dangerous and they WILL harm you, legal or not, they will fuck up your body and more importantly your mind, if you dont want to end up dead or in a wheel chair then DONT DO DRUGS!! I hold no responsibility for the actions taken by others regarding the information listed above, this blog was written for novelty puposes only and is not to be used to make or sell fake cocaine, I am not a pharmasist nor am i a drugs advisor, i am merely just an expert on this topic, clued up to the back teeth and extremely street wise ;) Happy money making ;) Eamonn
  • Here's one recipe,you use mannitol a small amount of bicarbonate of soda then add lidocaine or benzocaine.You then need something else thats white powdery slightly crystalline but also gives you a buzz,there are many different things you can use depending on what you can get you hands on or what to spend.Caffeine is quite good but don't use too much,mephedone,ephedrine or many other similar things really,mix really well .Taste by dabbing a small on your tongue to get a slight but not over the top numbness.Next dampen slightly by spraying with ethenol or a similar liquid and press into a block as hard as possible.It is a bit of trail and error really till you get it just right but be aware that its not the real thing and won't was into crack.
  • you dont

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