• When I went to Ole Miss, William Faulkner
  • President Tyler is buried nearby.
  • Richard III (allegedly)
  • Thomas Hardy, author of 'Far from the maddening Crowd' buried in my County of Dorset.
  • None in this particular town, but nearby: Charles Crocker: Founder of Southern Pacific Railroad and Crocker Bank Julia Morgan: Architect (Berkeley Greek Theatre, Hearst Castle) Bernard Maybeck: Architect (Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco) James Folger: Founder of Folgers Coffee Domenico Ghirardelli: Founder of Ghirardelli Chocolate Henry Haight: Governor of California
  • dont know
  • Yes there are but I am not going to name them or the name of the town because people used to flock there just to be able to take a photograph. It's an area with virtually no parking so it's best that people keep away and give the dead (and their loved ones) some peace.
  • Many. The Graceland Cemetery here in Chicago is full of famous people, and that's just one site. Among many others, Roger Ebert, the film critic, Louis Sullivan, the architect, and Jack Johnson, the boxing champion, are buried there. It's a wonderful place to visit, beautiful as well as interesting.
  • Wovoka, the famous Paiute messiah is buried down the road a ways.
  • Many battles of the Revolutionary War were fought in my town.

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