• The new Harry Potter movie is fantastic, there are lots of twists and turns, amusing and scary, very visually stimulating (beautiful scenery), wonderfully acted. I've seen the movie twice might see it again this weekend. One little hint: Be sure you have some pudding at home to eat afterwards. I don't want to give away any of the story.
  • Yes, saw it the other day. GREAT movie, as all the Potter movies and books are.
  • Yes, I've already seen the movie a couple of times. The movie was great, however the directing was terrible. The continuity was lost in a few spots, all of a sudden the scenes jump.Perhaps this was more the fault of editing.
  • Yes, it was the best movie so far! I loved every part of it! Absolutely awesome movie!
  • i loved it but i still think i like the books better but i think the next 2 are gonna be way better and i cant wait intil the last movie- (already read the book) but if you havent read the book in a while you will need to before you watch the movie.
  • Yes. I haven't watched it, but apparently some people have. It wasn't made and then hidden away unseen.
  • I really enjoyed OOTP but I still maintain that POA has been the best movie so far. OOTP was so much better than GOF though. Gosh I wish they would destroy that movie.
  • Yes i watched and have its VCD with me...Its good

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