• Since the place the Mayflower was built is unknown, and the names of the original owners are unknown, nobody can be certain exactly why the ship was named the Mayflower. Ships were traditionally named after people (Anne, James), religious images (White Angel), virtues (Charity, Fortune) or objects found in nature (Sparrowhawk, Marigold). The Mayflower was another term for the flower of an English hawthorne. Ships were usually named for objects in nature, people, or virtues. The May flower was the flower of the English Hawthorne tree. The owner of the Mayflower was Christopher Jones. His previous ship was named the Josian, named after his wife.
  • im not totally sure, but weve grown up to be taught that the ship was called the Mayflower, and the captain came from a town in essex called Billericay
  • The same way every ship get's its name: the guy who built/paid for it, named it - usually formally at its launch: that's why they call it a Christening; the analog to the combined rites of infant baptism and child naming ceremony. Why the builder picked "Mayflower" in this case is unknown (as is the case with the choice of the vast majority of ship names).
  • I saw this ongardeningknowhow : "According to plant folklore, the mayflower plant was the first spring-blooming plant the pilgrims saw after their first arduous winter in the new country."
  • There are so many ships that it is a major bummer to keep calling them "this one over here" and "that one over there". It was an accident that they got the one called "Mayflower" instead of the one called "Popeye".
  • Would pansie make you happy?

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