• Before I answer, I would like to know if this event is sponsored by PETA.
  • Absolutely, as soon as I stop running with scissors, I will put on my bike helmet and come and support that. Seriously, freedom, free choice to a degree. The other 10,000 people feel more alive and these seven may actually value life more.
  • Yes, it should have been banned a long time ago. To me it's senseless.
  • No.They know the risks, we don't want the health and safety mentality to spread
  • It is a time honored is like telling the Americans they cant have fireworks on the 4th of is just as unsafe but a practiced tradition...;)
  • I think so. In any case I have little sympathy for anyone being gored by a bull when they deliberately goad and torment the animal. What do they expect ?
  • of course not, its a free choice to be there and somewhat of a moving experience I hear. People have to right to do something even if it is dangerous. Should we ban people from going up everest just because 1 in 8 people who go up die? No of course not.
  • As long as they don't harm the bulls in retaliation I think it's fine if people are dumb enough to go running through the streets proving their manliness to the world. It thins down the population of stupid guys.
  • Events such as this are important in cleansing the human gene pool from those not worthy of living or creating offspring. For further information, research The Darwin Awards.
  • No. We need these people out of the gene pool.
  • I'd like to see 7 bulls chasing just one idiot.
  • What about the bulls being harmed? I absolutely think it should be banned.
  • I don't believe we should interfere with a races customs, traditions and beliefs as long as they do not interfere with another race. Who are we to tell them they don't know what's right? How are we so sure that what we believe is right?
  • What any decent person should want to see banned is the bullfight that comes afterwards. They wear out the poor animal (and breed them small, not like 2,000-pound dairy bulls with bad tempers), stick pins into their upper backs so they can't hold their heads up, and when they are so exhausted that they can't do anything but stand there and surrender, kill them anyway. For sport, thrills, kicks, fun. Sick.
  • Absolutely not. The bull run is one of the world's oldest traditions. More people are killed in by cars than by bulls.
  • Definately, i didnt want to do it :D

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