• According to what I have been taught, they had martial arts in Egypt around 4,800 B.C. and by the time Pharo Ramses was having the first pyramid built at Giza, his body guards had over a thousand years of martial arts experience. Martial arts from India have records that appear SECOND and are well mentioned in the Vedic Scriptures... and were spread through Tibet, into China. In China's Song Mountain caves and temples there are cave wall paintings depicting basic martial arts lessons from a black man with exagerated large round eyes teaching some yellow men with slant eyes, then praising him for a victory in a war ... these paintings are dated at 4,250 B.C. and are the foundation lessons of modern Kung Fu stick/staff fighting.
  • The origins of martial arts are lost in the mists of prehistory. Ever since people started fighting, there were martial arts.
  • I was under the impression that the first real martial art was Pankration in Sparta
  • Really? I thought martial arts started in China.
  • Pankration is the first martial art, and as Alexander the Great conquered Asia it taught Pankration to the local habitants. So , elements of pankration are still influencing Karate, kung fu , judo etc. It must be taken into deep consideration that Pankration although an ancient martial art, it is using many elements of the modern Martial arts and moves. Looks like Ancient Greeks were also good in fighting except from Mathematics, Philosophy and medicine. Also, the Spartans trained in armed combat and in Pankration, so as to use wen they lost they weaponry. They had so good skills that they could break shiled with their front kick. In the battle of Thermopyles tey used their Pankration skills, where 1 Spartan was analogue to 600 Persians ...
  • No, but the history of the nerve and pressure points came from there by Dharma<sp> and brought to China when he was kicked out for killing many as he tested them. Like stick them with a needle and see what happens. It is said he killed thousands.

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