• They probably disband or come up with a reason why the day passed without incident, and maybe reinvent the story to come up with a new date. In extreme cases some cults may be so disillusioned and their view of reality so challenged that they are unable to cope and they may take their own lives.
  • Normally they drink some Kool-Aid in their new Nikes and aren't around to realize it didn't happen.
  • They used to choose another one. But some have gotten wise, they pick a time far enough out that they can continue to reap the personal benefits of their con. See Al Gore. Edited-8/20/08 to say I was right, Al Gore is the ultimate Chicken Little-"The Sky Is Falling"- all his bullshit has been disproved. If you don't see it you are blind in the worst way. And thanks to my troll for getting me back here, you liberal jerk.
  • The ones that don't kill themselves just change their "prophesies" to something else.
  • They claim there was a mistake on the date,and make up a new one.This way everyone that believes can remain in imaginary fear.
  • "what are you talking about i said tommorrow!"
  • I asked my sister that (she is a witness) after she screamed at me and told me where I am going after death etc etc, I never asked again :)
  • They pick a new day.
  • i think that they are pretty much doomed...
  • If you want an answer to this, just look at Christianity.
  • they either just fizzle out and disappear, change the date, or come up with some rationalization about why it didn't happen like "god decided it wasn't time because we are righteous!". lol!
  • HA HA!!! i was JUST thinking the other day about how in 1988 there was a book called 88 reasons jesus will return in '88 or something and wondering what the author of THAT book is doing these days!!! HA HA, i mean, what do you do, you can't list that on your resume even though it WAS probably a best seller in certain circles!!! fantastic question :)
  • Nobody ever mentions it again and a new date is picked for the forthcoming doom.
  • lmao. Their leader disappears for a couple of days, to ask the all-knowing users of answer bag what to do in such a situation? Kidding. xDD
  • It's like waiting for a bus. If they miss the first one they just wait for the next one to come along.
  • The rest of the world scoffs. Why think about dooms day? Enjoy the present. Savour every emotion, whether bitter or happy. That's the beauty of life.
  • Read all about it: What everyone else above me said: they just come up with a new date, and the followers who survived, continue to suckle at the teat of stupidity.
  • Strangely, the members often become even more committed to the cult, probably because they're heavily emotionally invested. The thought that you've been a total fool and given your life and all your assets to a group that has conned you is far more difficult to accept than is the belief that the leader received a telepathic message from planet Orgon explaining that the earth wasn't destroyed because zircons were out of alignment. Go figure.
  • I, personally, know people who have been through that. They left, but more people joined. I don't think it had much of a negative effect on the cult.
  • they look like the idiots they are.
  • The leader all of a sudden has a new Revelation from their god. The leader states that all others mis- interpreted the information. Life goes on with a new "Dooms Day" date. If one of the members of the cult questions this, than their faith is not strong enough. See how easy that was?

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