• Who knows what might the movie industry can suprise us. I do know however that there will be a Spiderman 4, and a Shrek 4 as well.
  • Bruce Willis will be too old to make another one.
  • I think the die hard series is past its prime, The Matrix series did end and I hope they dont make a number 4 . PotC 4 could be ok, but again I think the series is past its best and they should try something new!
  • I keep hoping they will do another Matrix, the trilogy just blew me away!
  • I hope there wont be another pirates... I personally like the first one the best. They didn't even have to make another one if the didn't want to.
  • I Hope There will be A Matrix4, If Not Why In The End Of Matrix3 Would Sati(Little Indian Girl) Ask The Oracle Will We See Him Again,Would She (The Oracle) Say I Suspect So? Personally I Would Welcome A Number4. I Want to Know What Happend To Neo And If he Finds Trinity Again. But Thats Just My Opinion, I Am After All A Sci-Fi Nut:) Yay For Sci-Fi

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