• I don't usually care. Once it's over it's over. It depends on how soon it happens too. If it's right away, I might care a little more than if it was a few weeks later.
  • It really depends ..some people may have strong feeling for the person that when they date someone else they get mad and act like they still go out. but if both find someone it would probably be easier to forget about them
  • i always care becaue i am an EXTREMELY jealous person. i know that i shouldn't, but i know why i do. as not only a jealous person, but as a self-centered individual, i find myself wanting other ppl to want me, even after we break up. this is mostly why i can't hardly ever have a normal relationship. also, it leads me to destroy potential happiness early in the relationship by manipulating my parnter... and i always have to break up with them; i have never been dumped. ::knock on wood:: long story short: i'm just very needy/jealous/self-centered. oops.
  • Most people seem to care a little bit. or at least for a while. even if you ended things with him you still care for him. it depends how your relationship was. if it was serious, it is easy to get jealous of the person your ex is now dating. however if your relationship was just 'fun' and nothing serious, then it is not as 'weird when they start dating someone else.
  • Of course a certain part of u is jealous and hates to think that they could be snogging or sleeping with someone else when they had been so intimate with u. But speaking from experience EVERYTHING i mean that all those emotions, Highs , lows anger, frustration,jealousy etc attached to a break up seem so raw at the beginning but after a few weeks and a few nights out helps. But it depends who instigated the break up. If it was you then u were obviously not 100% happy and will prob not be too bothered by rumours of them been seen with others(or will u) lol.. Bottom line make a decision and stick to it.!!!.. It's as simple as that. Don't yo yo back and forth as this will prolong the fact that u should be out there.. Taking a big bite out of life... Life is short.. Live it and don't think of what could or would have been. Smile, Dance , cry do what u like... But leave the past in the past. And all those other cliches your granny said.. but believe me they are so true.. tears dry,hearts will heal and we are born to love and born to feel.... sometimes good and sometimes bad, But life is worth more than always being sad, so dry your eyes and wash your face and you will see you have your special place, In this world your not alone....x
  • For a time (its different for everyone) we are aware of our ex and who they are with of course! Its perfectly normal. Even if we are with someone new and happy it can still hurt even if our interest has completely depleted in them. I think its more comparing ourselves with others they're with rather than actually having any interest in who they're with if you get me?
  • A friend of mine was going out with an amazing girl.. so sweet and amazing looking and he dumped her because he said she was too quiet and went out with this absolute tramp.Guys like the "bad girls" for about 6 seconds until they find out she has been around longer than the invention of the wheel bwahaha.... I don't know how to make you block out all the feelings that come with your situation, But I do know one thing... Forget about them.. They deserve each other if u ask me. And u deserve more than that... way more!!!.. Start moving on in your own way...Don't let them see it's getting to you...No one belongs to anyone we all only have a loan of one another and eventually most things reach an end, Just thank your lucky stars your not married to him with 500 kids lol
  • I pretend not to care, but inside... that's a different story.

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