• Judo. All they do is flips, rolls, chokes and joint locks.
  • Judo,it is the art of using your opponents own energy and weight against himself. It is known as the "gentle way" Eikido is also a good martial art for flips using both the opponant's own energy combined with pressure applied at specific points to remove his feet from underneath him.(often quite violently)
  • Well personally i practice the art's of korean martial arts/taekwondo and this is very good inn certain situation's i enjoy it aswell but like many technique's there are many different one's out there and for different reason's so each practice would depend on different people and situation's such as if you were small like me lol about 5'4'' to be exact i would recommend taekwondo but for grappling and any other such martial arts or boxing techniques maybe those would be better off for bigger or those who have alot of bulging muscle's wushu would allso be good it simular to the korean style martial arts and for kungfu pretty much the same except that i believe would be more for relaxing and meditation but while useing /practing self defence hapikdo is pretty common as well so i cant really recommend so much to this question but i hope this still help's you i can only recommend this to you and anyone out there study the mind and study each dojang and sensei
  • if you want to do the flipping then capoeira is good.
  • If you're talking about acrobatic flips then try wushi or capoeira. If by flips you mean throws, then judo or shuai jiao (Chinese wrestling) would be good.
  • Korean Hwrangdo has many high jumps and flips. Many of the Northern Kung Fu styles have higher jumps and more flips. Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, & Ninjitsu have many throws & flips. ... but throws and flips are secondary to the martial art, and surviving a war is the martial art's main thing ... if you wish to focus on flips, then gymnastics, trampoline, & even spring board diving will have more emphasis on flips.
  • Jujitsu is pretty good we were trained for some pretty decent flips:)

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