• Michel jackson, Mike Tyson and Micheal Jordon...the 3 mikes of the 80's...and micheal jordon is no longer an role model he whop the knicks ass throughout the 90's...I;m a knicks fan, Mike tyson..I'm still a fan...even though he's crazy now and micheal jackson...hell no...self explanable
  • I liked Charlie's Angels, especially Kate Jackson and Jacklyn Smith; and Lindsay Wagner, who played Jamie Summer, The Bionic Woman; and Linda Carter, who played Wonder Woman. I think that all of these women are just as wonderful today as they were back then and they sure look great.
  • Steven Spelberg,not really
  • (See pictures below) I found some prints of Znicest's 3 Mikes. Can someone tell me what these three are up to now?
  • Definitely my mom. She was an amazing person and I can only hope I'm a fraction of the woman she was. God rest her soul. Yes, she's still my role model and always will be.
  • My dad, he will always be in my heart.
  • My Mother. And she still is. She is the most courageous and open-minded person I have ever known. She has never been afraid of life and loves like she has never known loss.
  • Donald Trump. No he is not anymore.
  • My role model is Al Sharpton (lawyer). It was him that made me wnat to go into a law career. And yes, he is still my role model
  • My first was my father, like most boys. After that, there were a number of men who took an interest in me and provided positive examples and guidance. As son as I could really think about it, my heroes were men like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. O was also rather impressed with Popeye the Sailor Man and Superman.
  • Ernie Banks Mister Cub himself. He was a true baseball player. He was always the optimist and always there to remind us of what was truly good about the game.
  • When I was very young, Joan of Ark and my mom. When I was a little older Golda Meir (I know that's strange for a kid who didn't even know what Jewish was)and my mom. In high school I lightened up a bit and wanted to be like Daisy Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard, but my still serious side also thought the Catholic nun who taught creative writing was brilliant and full of insight,and I wasn't Catholic, but wanted very much to be brilliant and wise like her and gorgeous and fun like Daisy. Then in college I learned about Catherine the Great and very much wanted to be like her, still do. And then there is my Mom who is probably more like any of those role models than me. So I guess that is why she has been and still is my number 1 role model. Edit: I had to come back and add Agent Scully from The X Files and Claire Huxtable from the The Cosby Show.
  • Grandma. Hands down.
  • Evel Knievel. Didn't take me that long to figure out my balls weren't as big as his.
  • Fearless Fosdick
  • My hero FF
  • Bjorn Borg. I loved tennis as a kid, and Borg was my hero. He won many titles (including 5 straight Wimbleton titles) and always exhibited a slick coolness on the court that I admired. He never bent under pressure, and he never got upset and angry like so many other tennis stars, even when he lost. He was a true gentleman, and a true champion.
  • Voltaire. Not anymore.
  • my role model is honestly my mom. everything i know i have learned from her. she helps guide me through this huge puzzle we call life
  • My role model is the tourettes guy and cartmen from south park!!!
  • I'm sorry but there are only a few celebrities that are even life worthy and even fewer than could be role models.

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