• Jimi Hendrix. The survey says so.
  • Paul McCartney. Jimi was good but his output was less than Paul's.
  • Segovia (of course). Groundbreakingly influential. Sure, (older) fans of rock have heard of Jimi Hendrix...but how many fans of classical have? Segovia's name and fame and influence rises above any particular musical classification.
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      That's what everyone say about him but everything he does seem to sound the same. Its all about royalty and marches. It get old after awhile.
  • Leo Fender
  • IMHO I think Wes Montgomery was the best jazz , pop and R&B guitarist.
  • George Harrison
  • Depends what you mean by "best..." made the most money? most refined techniques? personal favourite? I don't know. I really like Django Reinhardt, who honestly rose the instrument to prominence in jazz and had a true virtuoso talent, is spite of only having two usable fingers on his fretting hand. I also really like Buckethead, who holds the world record for most albums officially released and who also has mastered the widest range of playing techniques of anyone I've heard. I'm surprised that no one yet mentioned Eddie van Halen, since he was such a household name associated with the instrument.
  • Jimi Hendrix. BB King. but you know who was also extremely good back in the day? Charo. I heard her play on the Sonny and Cher show and Johnny Carson and she knocked my socks off! I DID NOT see that coming. She was classically trained and boy she was amazing!
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      I never took her seriously either, Charo that is. She was the Hoochy Koochy girl during the Merv Griffin show and she was know for her body. I love her guitar playing.

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