• Generally, nothing is specifically required. That is, you can take care of other people's children for pay without having any license, education, or certification. However, you should seriously consider being CPR certified. Additionally, your city, country, and state may offer day care licensing. Obtaining a license, although probably not required, may be beneficial. Parents will likely be more willing to leave their children with you if you are licensed. I've never heard of any specific education programs for child day care providers.
  • In Cal., there are many programs to help you become a home day care provider.College offer classes too and there are many foundations that actually help with get thing certified and get you started by referring families to your day care. I believe and know that is better to get certified and just because families truth you have the knowledge and capacity to attend the children needs but also because you can get many benefits from government programs.
  • CPR certification would be especially important. If you're in Illinois, you can check out for information about CPR classes in Illinois and ACLS classes in Illinois.

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