• no, i dont do drugs, and no i dont recommend trying it, you could go to jail for it, not to mention ive known people to die from drugs too
  • Too many times. None of it was the good stuff I'd guess, as all I ever saw was 'tracers'...mostly just speed effects. If you want to 'know', do mushrooms. If you want to 'see', focus on DMT (particularly the ayahuasca variants). If you want both, mescaline or recommendation for newbies.
  • I knew before I tried it, that you have to have a good group of people, and I mean well intentioned. When that is the case, it gets to be real fun.
  • I did it once, just to see what it was like. I had half a tab. I shared it with my connection. It was a good thing too because I was starting to have a bad trip and he talked me down. I will NEVER do it again. Its too powerful.
    • Franco333
      All psychedelics are capable of a 'bad trip'. The 'Set & Setting' is all important ( Of the two 'set' is most important. There is a computer acronym called GIGO that best explains it. Prior experience in some form of meditation is prerequisite. How much depends on the individuals inner landscape. The paradox of psychonautics is that before the mind can be unleashed, it first must be brought under control.

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