• If I told you it can't be done because they all spontaneously combust your computer will you please spare the world any more Techno? PLEASE!!!
  • Try Albleton live 6 its a sequencer that allows you to lay down samples on a time-line and stretch sounds and apply echo and delay, as well as notate your own basslines and keyboard riffs..
  • ProTools or Adobe Audition
  • hey - if you looking for some beats/loops to get you started, we got a huge selection of royalty-free techno sounds available from US$1.99. You can check them out at:
  • This site has great information on how to produce ALL types of music! Its the best!!!
  • There are many programs available meant just for this kind of thing. FL Studios: Reason: Ableton Live: CuBase: I personally use Reason 3.0 and I recommend it greatly, but be warned, this kind of stuff is something you actually do need to know your stuff to do. Here is some of my own work I've made with reason:
  • if you goggle it it might tell you how

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