• Unfortunately we can't just take a pencil eraser and do this. Personally when I've gone through this it just takes time. Of course staying busy always helps. The number one thing I have found out just recently however is to meet someone else. I'm lovin my new GF!
  • The King decapitates his exes, mostly for failing to provide male heirs...for the commoner, tons of revenge sex usually does the trick
  • Sorry but that's not going to happen. They will eventually fade from your memory but they will never be completely forgotten. I wish we could just turn off a switch and it was all gone but we can't so we are all stuck with (for me) bad memories. Much luck to you :)
  • Hypnotism?
  • You can't, and if I may venture an assumtion, I doubt if you really, truly do want to. If it's been two years and you still have enough emotion of any kind attached to the person for memories of them to be unpleasant, then I'd say it's safe to assume that it was a fairly good relationship and that your time with them was a good, or at least emotionally significant, time in life for you. Those good times, those important times, in our lives can go sour and cold sometimes, but they shape who we are, and erasing painful memories for the sake of starting over isn't the way to go. The only thing to do is to simply let go of those memories, keep them, but don't let them hurt you anymore or hold you back from making new ones. Good Luck.
  • Party like you have never partied before! doesnt work for everyone but sure keeps you busy!! :) or good old fashioned ect! :)
  • a lobotomy, but it has some major downsides...
  • what? this isnt eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, just stay calm and find new things to do that will keep you busy and not think about him/her. It might take a while but be patient and stay strong, make them wonder why you are still smiling and happy.

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