• Depends on which little child.
  • No, they are loud and never still except when asleep which they never seem to do.
  • Well behaved children .. Yes. Ill mannered little brats...No.
  • Little children are fabulous.It is more likely their parents' behaviour that I abhor.
  • Sometimes. Every little child acts differently. But I really don't like little kids in general. I'm not blaming them though. Everyone has to go through that stage and I'm not holding it against them.
  • I have two of them and their behaviour is often surprising. But this is life! How could you not like it? And sure I tell them if I do not find it OK, they have still to learn.
  • I like little little little children...around the ages of 0-2. Other than that.....I don't know.
  • The interesting thing about little children,and my son was no different when he was small,is that they are so honest.whether they are being good or being bad ,they are always honest about it.we tend to lose that as we get older.
  • For about 5 minutes.
  • Sometimes they can just make me laugh at how simple life can be. Most times, however, it takes all my inner will to not kick em' :p Just gotta keep reminding myself that they still need to learn. It takes a lot of self control to be around kids all day...
  • I love children in general. Children today do not act the way kids acted when I grew up. If I had back-talked my mom the way they do now, I doubt I would be here today. (LOL) Seriously though, I didn't disrespect my parents,knew when to keep my mouth shut, and had good manners. I just wish that children had more of those qualities nowadays. Including my son. For the most part,he is well behaved. But he likes to mouth-up sometimes.
  • Some children are sweet and endearing and others are just little beasts
  • hello there, I got a lot of points on this question more than I anticipated so I gave everyone a pt who anwered thanks. . Also I've seen some people who get a lot of pts do this technique of answering their own question. So I'm trying it here.Along with a few other things I'm trying cause I think they're doing them to. . I dont know if some people are able to give more than 1 pt because they are at a high level or if some people are getting lots of pts more than I can give for their answer because lots of other people or avatars give them pts for their answer. . Thank YOu All Very Much Again.
  • I do take issue to the way some children act in public, but I do take issue to the way many parents let their children (or even themselves) act in public.

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