• Not as much as the reason that you are getting them for!
  • Generally you don't feel the actual stitches. It's the needles with the numbing agents that hurt!
  • When I got 15 stitches is my arm, they injected anaesthetic under each cut and I didn't feel a thing. I didn't feel anything when they were taken out either. I wouldn't worry yourself over it. x
  • butterfly stitches no, real ones yes. ive had the real ones and even though they gave me an injection to numb the area i could still feel them stitching me. the worst part is probably afterwards when you can feel the ache all the time
  • Depends on the situation. If you are getting stiches, you are most likely in pain already and the numbing agent will actually help. If you are in a survival situation and are getting stiches without a topical numbing solution, yes, it hurts very much. (I have had both kinds)
  • No. They numb the area and are very quick about it. The thought of them is MUCH worse.
  • Only if you are getting them without anesthetic, i know from experience I've been stitched a lot of times and when the wound is numb it doesn't hurt at all.
  • 32 on my forehead all it felt like was them pushing the needle through leather. It was numbed before they did it and after they give you stuff to take care of it.
  • actually yesterday i was iceskating and i slipped and fell right on my chin.My mom and dad took me to get stitches.And first they layed me down and gave me 5 or 6 shots around the area to numb it then one shot in the wound.This didnt hurt because since my chin already hurt a bunch i didnt feel the little prick from the shot.Then all you can feel is little pulls when they are stitching you up.Then they clean it while its still numb.Im 13 and just got stitches so yea they dont hurt at all!!
  • i thought it did, and i had local anaesthetic and gas and air, but i think it might have been the thought of it more than the actual thing. i think they hurt more coming out, because they sometimes stretch the skin to cut them off.
  •'s that shot they give ya to numb the area so it wont hurt that hurts :)lol
  • I've only ever had stitches inside my mouth. But that didn't hurt, no :)
  • no... they use anesthetic first... what hurts is the injury which required them.. :(
  • Alright this is my story the story involves ME & 2 Of my friends, I was involved in a car accident, I was coming back from the beach and all of a sudden i noticed that i was in the wrong lane and i couldnt go down by there so i quickly moved to the left lane (i was probally doing 60-70mph on the highway) and as i was doing that i scratched the side of another car and the impact made me loose control of my SUV (car) so it started swerving from side to side and all of a sudden my the wheel of the car LOCKED! completely i couldnt do a thing about it and next thing i know the car flips to my right side and BAM! I Blacked out. According to my friends and to my Injuries as the car was flippin the back of my head my shoulders the back of my neck and my left ear recieved 3rd degree road burns because they scrapped the ground as the car kept moving. Half of my ear was ripped in half (LITERALLY IN HALF) i receieved about 20 stitches on my ear and no it does not hurt and regardless if you want it fixed you need to take some pain and you will trust me. I ended up with a deep hole in the back of my neck it was less then 1 inch to reach my spinal cord that means if it would of gotten my spinal cord i wouldnt be here to tell the story. My shoulders are healing better but still feel some pain but hey pain is weakness leaving your body keep that in mind. I also recieved stitches between my nose and my lip about 7-8 stitches now i have a permanent scar but still looks sexy hehe. Now lets get to the back of my head where i scrapped it really bad with the ground i did not get stitches there but i have a bald spot now and yes they where third degree as well... I could talk about this for hours, maybe days who knows... My point is stitches hurt more when there taking them out then when there going in haha well if anything you could always write to me at or email me at have a nice day and enjoy getting stiched up.
  • not really.. i would rather have stitches instead of staples.
  • No, they give you a shot first(that hurts) to numb the area.
  • I thought the shot to numb the area hurt more than getting the stitches.
  • nope cause the area is already numb from a tiny wee sting of a needle ..cant feel a thing
  • At a private surgeon or doctor's office...not a bit. At a cheapo 'general hospital' or free clinic, where the staff skill level is closer to veterinarians (or quacks), you will feel each stitch in exquisite detail!
  • Usually not, as long as the pain numbing shot works. Getting stitches without the painkiller isn't any fun though.
  • Wow, this is an old question! They don't usually use stitches anymore they use glue strips.
  • No. They usually numb the area.

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