• It's not. It's just for "fun". There is absolutely 100% no way to tell when you're going to die. The death clock can try and make assumptions, as in smokers and overeaters and people with health problems will probably die first, but as far as exactly when- It's 100% impossible to tell. It's just a for fun website. DON'T take it seriously.
  • Get a really old person to do it and then sit and wait.
  • Although it sounds valid and probably is on some level, it's not accurate, no. First, filling in data on a webform doesn't mean a website can and/or will give you an accurate analysis of your health. Second, the questions are too broad and generalized to be provide useful information to individuals in terms of exactly how long their lives will be. Third, the website makes no allowance for random events or accidents. Last, and most important, a website cannot predict the future. Nobody can.
  • I hope not..I don't want to die on sunday may 12, 2024 lol
  • I hope so...mine says I'll live to be 110!
  • have an older person about 90 and have him or her go find when their clock stops and see if they die when it said it would it probly would work since an older person has not as long livespan as a younger person
  • How can a website be accurate? I do not think the website will now wether your plane will crash, if you get hit by a car. If you´ll get a stroke. Websites like that work with averages. They look at how long people with disease X lives in each country. Each disease (or what ever is wrong with you) is likely to take a few years of the starting number of age... I´m going to get way to complicated here.. Let´s just finish by saying that they use mathematical equasions and life doesn´t. And now I´ve said that.. NEVER forgot the difference between internet and real life!
  • This thing just estimates your life-expectancy according to your current health and habits. Exactly when you die is for the future to decide.
  • I wouldn't worry about it. Too many lurking factors to consider.
  • No way to calculate the day of your death. Stray bullet could get you in the next few minutes or you could live to be 100, no one knows. +4

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