• Uh... I thought the actors were English? But I'm not going to contradict you. The only way to make money in this world is to sell yourself to the Americans - just ask Italian women who were prostitutes in World War II.
  • The filming is done in England, and many - if not most - of the actors are English.
  • All the actors in the films have been English. J.K. made that an unbreakable rule when she sold the film rights.
  • I'm not sure I get your question. Are you saying that it shouldn't have been "sold" to the Americans because the Author is English and the story set in England? Why? Good stories are international. Lord of the Rings was written by an Englishman, as was the Narnia series. And A Little Princess. And Wuthering Heights. And on and on and on. And what about all the American stories and movies (and not only) that are sold to the rest of the world. Maybe I'm missing your point? And the actors are all English, as far a I know.
  • It is silly.

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