• No, since rabbits have such a high mortality rate in the wild, it is not possible for them to be monogamous. Male rabbits will breed one doe that comes into their territory then move right on to the next one, if they didn't do this then, eventually, die out.
  • im not sure.. but i dont think any animals are truly monogamous.. i was watching a thing about birds that were always thought to be and they tested some of the babies and found that the mother bird cheated (lol) and they werent the father birds babies even though he stays to take care of them and breeds with the female her whole life.. because animals always want to breed with the strongest and healthiest and best looking so
  • No, rabbits mate with whoever they like at the moment and whoever is in heat and ready. One buck will breed many does in an area. Life's too short for rabbits to be family orientated. Fathers don't have anything to do with their young and may kill them.

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