• Sounds like a fuse to me. I'll check into it and repost as soon as possible.
  • Check to make sure your AV Cable is plugged in as it will not allow your XBOX to work. Check your Power cord. Check to make sure your XBOX is properly ventilated, that it is not sitting on the floor with carpet causing it to overheat. Check to make sure your XBOX hasn't been exposed to excessive dust or excessive moisture which will cause problems with powering on.
  • A couple things to check. Video cable is plugged in properly to the back of the XBOX. Power Cord is properly plugged into XBOX, and is receiving power from the wall or surge protector. If your XBOX is modified: ModChip is properly installed (Wire is shorting power out) Motherboard is properly installed and put back in the xbox properly with all points connected. Check to see what the power LED is flashing if possible.
  • Your xbox needs a new p.s.u. power supply unit
  • My xbox wont turn on I unpluged it and took it out to my family room but it did 3 red rings so I took it back to my room and it did the same then the next day it wont turn on and it still wont tun on what should I do I tried diffrent plugs and it still wont work what should I do.
  • if it is a 360 there is a extended warranty for that problem take it back
  • My xbox 360 won't work after being repaired in Texas with those tech people that fix it after getting the red lights, so i just got it back just yesterday and i plugged everything as it should and it wouldn't turn on.
  • i was playing on my xbox turn it off to go out to the chineese.came back in an hour later and it wouldnt turn back on. I've tried a different power cord and it still dosent work any help would be appriciated........
  • Same as everyone else check all the cables try turning it on with both the controller and the button on the system and if all fails try using a friends power cords to see if its that. BEST of LUCK!
  • Yeah, Mine was working fine last night, but there was a massive storm over night. THE XBOX WAS PLUGGED IN ALL NIGHT. In the morning it didnt work. Wont power on. Here is the thing, The power cord's "little" light is still on. Does this mean my xbox 360 is surged and i need a new P.S.U? or... what? Someone help me, i cant use my warrenty anymore.
  • There should be a long cord attached to it with metal prongs at the end. This needs to be inserted into the spot on the wall where electricity comes from. This should be the first thing you check.
  • i got the red ring and i used the "towel trick" to see if it would work and it did for bout a day and then igot it agin so i did it agin and now it wont show any thing and just the little green light on my xbox is on but it wont show any video please help im dieing of boredom
  • Um, my XBOX won't turn on. It is modified, and it sits on the carpet all the time. There is tons of dust in it. How might I remove such dust?
  • put white electrical tape over the power supply socekt it always works

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