• Heat from fruit peppers (hot peppers) is acidic, so the only thing that can directly reduce it is something alkaline like milk, baking soda, salt.. Berry peppers (black pepper, white pepper, etc.) are even more persistent because the heat comes from aromatic oils. You can't do anything to reduce the amount of oil except dilute the recipe or replace the main ingredient. If you made a soup, strain it, discard the broth and add the strained contents into fresh unflavored broth. If it's something like a pasta dish, try separating the pasta out, discarding it and using new pasta. Meat can be scraped off or the outer layer cut off (the oil doesn't penetrate very deep) and re-seasoned.
  • You can use coconut milk (as do the Thais) or yoghurt (as do the Indians).
  • Try adding just a very small amount of sugar. Taste it, and see if it is to your liking. (if it isn't, add a little at a time)
  • Add some palm oil or any other type of oil like vegetable, coconut, olive oil to your cooking. This will reduce the effect instantly. You can also lick the oil if the pepper is felt a lot on the tongue.
  • I'd have to know what you were cooking. A lot of times if you had potato or rice it's going to increase the volume of what you're cooking which will dilute the pepper. Also are we talking about pepper the fruit or ground peppercorns?

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