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  • Making Love for me - is the way I look at it -
  • There is differance between making love, having sex, and whoopie, etc. Making love is an emotionally involved process with spiritual and primal overtones. Having plain sex or just whoopie is just basicaly a term for getting laid, tossing cookies, or getting one's rocks off, in this scenario there is not emotional or spiritual attachment and is done for the sheer excitement and or pleasure, however having sex is not as gratifying as making love, there are certain techniques and emotional connections involved with actual love making that intensify orgasm, anything less, and your just cheating yourself and your partner.
  • Making love or just sex to me is afterwards are you feeling cheated or are you feeling so much that you want to cry, laugh and scream at the same time.
  • To me, Making love is different than having sex, or making whoopiee. "F*cking" is different than all of those because in my mind that is high energy, agressive sex. Usually without feeling. Making love is soft, and sweet and sentimental. Sex, coital, intercourse- those all mean the same to me.
  • Rumpy pumpy!
  • Playing wheel-barrows... Making bacon, Poca Hola etc
  • Parking the pink Cadillac
  • We call it "pokes." "No pokes sweetie", or "Hey there, how about some pokes here?"
  • Having sex... That's all there is to it... I'm thirteen and i know some things from class...
  • i call it sharing pleasures and no theres no difference - but its much better if you are in love with the person you are having sex with
  • we call it pounding
  • We "do it"... like Nike says... Just Do It (in a legally recognized marriage of course). Love making involves emotions, takes time, involves intimate interactions and petting on behalf of both partners, a progressive path that eventually leads to a heightened version of sex. "Let's do it" to me refers to getting right down to the nitty gritty (usually because the kids will be home soon) maybe with some kissing, but not to the extent of love making. I think to the general population simply having sex refers to the act as performed to simply satisfy ones sexual urges regardless of any emotional attachment to the other person (whom you may or may not know very well). This I do not condone.
  • I used to call it making love, now I call it non existent.
  • If I want to be really clinical and weird I will suggest "let's have intercourse". Relates back to an exchange between Richard Lewis and Larry David on "Curb Your Enthusiasm".
  • I know this sounds crude but we call it "screwing". When one of us wants it "let's screw" is said with the most tenderness and love.
  • it depends on my mood. if i'm drunk/really horny, i say "f***ing" if it's been a romantic evening... making love. if it's just coming up in casual conversation, i say sex. there is not a difference in meaning, per say, but each word gives you a different image of the act.
  • Bumpin ugly's... lol I only call it that when I'm being funny...not when I'm really in the mood.
  • fool around
  • having-happiness. lol
  • 'Doing it'
  • Shagging - sorry its a little crude
  • Making love is what I do with my gf - even when it is more rough and animalistic sex. Even then, I feel a primal desire to have her and protect her. It is not an idealized love - but it is love in a sense. Having sex or "f,,,king" is what I have done with other women in the past - some of them I even thought I was in love with. In truth, I didn't know what making love is until I did the real thing.
  • That would be very personal and can be any variety of meanings for different people. I like to think of it all as "making love" because I am giving myself. But in making love I am not attached to all of them the way I am to friends and especially my husband but I more belong to them just for the duration of the act. Though of course it does make them part of me and part of my thoughts and thinking. Making love brings us closer which is natural but in order to have secure and continuing relationships (which are natural too) we do have to in some way put the brakes on our feelings which result from being together so we reserve them more for those who are more important to us. And our well-being.

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