• Because you can use it to manipulate your moods, you can scream along with it when you are pissed, you can blast everyone else out when you are depressed, or you can dance like a jackass when your happy.
  • It effects every mood. I can't go a day without it myself.
  • It's not unusual...(hey that's a song title). So am I. I have to have music all the time. Radios, CDs and if there are none, songs go round in my head. If I am in the supermarket and the radio there plays things I like, I sing (it used to embarrass the kids like hell, but...). I have musical quotes as part of my life philosophy, pun on song titles frequently. Don't fight it. It's part of breathing, if you ask me. i find it hard to understand those who aren't obsessed by music.
  • I used to be obsessed with music when I was younger. It was my life. I knew every band and every song. It was my ultimate passion. But, things changed and now it's good and I like it but not with that same intensity. Maybe this is the same for you. Perhaps it's just a temporary obsession. If not, them maybe you should consider a career in a music related field to give an outlet to your passion.

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