• Ice cream actually contains cream, a dairy dessert may contain a smaller amount of cream but is probably based on milk or milk powder. You will find that the higher the cream proportion the smoother the dessert will be, as the fats in the cream stop the sugar and water portion of the ice cream from being crystallised into chunks upon freezing.
  • Frozen dessert made of vegitable fat and ice creams made of milk fat
  • Dreyers Ice Cream in Oakland CA said it had to do with the amount of whey used to make there product. A review of the cartons shows that at least with there products the main ingredient of frozen desert is whey and for ice cream it's skimmed milk. Cream is the second ingredient in there ice cream and the third in frozen desert. Obviously there has to be a legal definition for ice cream and anything that doesn't meet that standard can't be called ice cream.
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