• Good question. Yes, because my computer is an open area, and when I work with a paper and pen I tend to be in my room - a closed area.
  • Yes I get distracted.What Trot said is right.Computer(internet) is a place from where we can go anywhere. Everyone get interest in browsing. We never get bored at all because there are many things and not just afew to get bored..
  • I don't think that it's any more dis -- ooo! A new email from Gabe! -- uhhh where was I?
  • I find it a distration, I'm either reading some news, or on this site instead of doing my work. I prefer paper, pens and books. I work faster that way, and when I cite an actual book, my professors get excited.
  • The same. I get pretty focused either way.
  • Yes. A computer have several options, and is sort of as a navigation area, with the door open to surf the internet. Pencil and paper leaves you alone, to think about the topic and focus.
  • Actually, yes. However, I get distracted when I use a paper and pen as well because I love to talk to people more than I like doing paperwork. Paperwork is not really something I enjoy. People are around me pretty much 24/7. There's hardly a moment where I am completely alone. Other than the rare exceptions, the only times I actually am alone are on my way to and from school. Even then, I might meet up with someone (like a sibling or an acquaintance or friend) and walk with him/her. There is pretty much always someone who is there for me to talk to. I get very distracted by other people.

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