• Israelite refers to a native or inhabitant of the ANCIENT Northern Kingdom of Israel. An Israeli is of or relating to MODERN-DAY Israel or its people.
  • About 2000 years?
  • 2-17-2017 I'm not an expert, but AFAIK there never has been a country named Israel until the one we have now, and a person born there is an Israeli. An Israelite is a descendant of Jacob/Israel. Most Israelites have forgotten their heritage, and the ones who remember are of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi, the ones we call Jews.
    • ChabadRabbi
      The Bible has already refers to the Land of Israel.
    • mushroom
      A number of Black Israelite organizations have been founded since around 1900. One of the more well-known, the African Hebrew Israelites, formed in Chicago in the 1960s, claim to be descendants of the lost tribes. Their founder formed a community in Liberia, then moved to Israel.

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