• Of course they are.
  • Yes, they hide a great deal. If they did not, then the general public would see just how little the government actually knows; and would see just how MUCH the government actually does... that we would not want them to do.
  • No government can possibly afford to do any other than hide some things from the people during a war otherwise they would be giving the same information to the other side. By the way, there isn't a war taking place at the moment that involves your government, unless you include the so-called war on terror.
  • In a society with a free press, it would be extremely difficult to hide something like a war or an area. There are some secrets that the government keeps for security purposes; but in general, the government does not make it a habit of hiding stuff.
  • I am sure they hide many things ,(along with the obvious government secrets and military info) mostly to maintain control of us in some way shape or form . if they said hey we have an alien life form and its ship, we don t know if we will be invaded someday of how to defend against them) what would the average person do? FREAK OUT ! Or Yea the OTHERS can blow us up at any time now or there are 3216 known terrists in the U.S. right now,,,and we can t find them! what would we do ?? yes they hide alot I am sure.
  • They hide alot of things, and alot of things that we belive in is bullshit because the government makes you belive it...government runs media and media is everythig in america you see it on the news you belive it...we should start a revoltuion who is down.
  • GOVERNMENT! FUCK!!! I am only 16. And i am all against the government and ive read so much and thought soo many things Like: What if there such thing as aliens... and they want something from this earth... i have heard that the government has nuclear missiles planted in the earth just to threaten the ones above. And people believe that we came from monkeys.. well that they just slowly turned into people? like slowly transforming? well why dont we transform? ape-human-? OR!!!! what if there are aliens tat came down FUCKED THE SHIT out of the apes and thats were we came from? THINK ABOUT IT! ALIEN AND APE CHARACTERISTICS! if you were to cal me man... i got some shit that would BLOW YOUR MIND!
  • Of course! Don't you remember when the earth blew up and they moved us to the holodeck of the ship transporting us to the new planet and they didn't tell the stupid people? If not then don't worry I'm only kidding!
  • they might
  • Of course they are. As well they should hide some stuff. But many, including myself, are wary of big government and what they're hiding.
  • i wouldnt be surprised if they did

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