• Definitely walmart and swap meets. Ghetto people go there and they are the rudest, worst parents people ever.
  • I agree with the above list except Lowes. I could live at Lowes.
  • Hates: K-Mart, Sears, and all dumpy over-priced stores like that. Won't: the mall.
  • No wal marts around here... I hate target, I hate home depot, I hate Costco.. yet I shop there all the time...
  • Don't go to K-Mart. Don't like Wal-Mart. Circuit City is overpriced. But Home Depot and Lowes are great!
  • Harrods, I can't afford it!
  • I hate The Home Depot, I can walk in there on my ugliest day, in pajamas, and rollers in my hair and the nasty men in there (old enough to be my grandfathers) will still hit on me. They act like they're prisoners that haven't seen a woman in 30 years, I hate that! It makes me feel so uncomfortable, so for that reason I do not shop at the Home Depot.
  • I avoid Wal-Mart whenever I can. They have lost so many class action lawsuits that they are an embarrassment to American commerce. That said, they have made many changes in the past two years and are doing some very big things in taking leading steps in helping the environment, ( pushing CFM light bulbs, demanding less packaging from manufacturers, etc.) Home Depot is poorly managed (Their CEO was just forced out a few months ago). They are highly overrated. How can you run the front end of a big box store with only 2 or 3 people up front? I can shop at Best Buy, but I will do my best to stay away from Circuit City for now on after they fired those 3,400 employees. See this story:
  • I will not shop where you have to be a "member" to purchase. If I go with a member and they let me purchase under them, then I will do it. Hubby's job has a corporate B.J.'s card and I purchased my Bissell vacuum there.
  • Won't: "Best Not Buy", and KMart Will do whatever I can to avoid Wal-Mart With the change in CEO's and the new CEO's promise to listen to customers, I will give Home Depot another go. The past 2 times I've been there, things seem to have greatly improved. They were on the won't list prior to the change though. I will shop at Macy's, however I am still REALLY angry with Federated for taking over and closing Marshall Field's.
  • Absolutely refuse to shop at: Home Depot Wal-Mart (and Sam's Club) Best Buy Circuit City Borders fye Petco Really, anything that can be considered a "big box" store, with the exception of Target and any of the major supermarkets. I am all for saving money, but totally against supporting corporate takeover. SHOP LOCALLY THINK GLOBALLY!!!!!!
  • I will not purchase gasoline from Mobil, I had credit card problems with them. I hate to shop at Wal-Mart and KMart.
  • I hate to shop at wal-mart but unfortunatly sometimes I must. I live in a little one pony town and there isn't much else here.
  • Any store where the pants sizes are from 00-13 and they dont carry a size over...and theres no XL or A&F, Hollister, American Eagle etc....
  • Wal-Mart. When the stores first came to the area, I was so excited cause thats all I heard, about how great Wal-Mart is. Well, the prices are cheaper than competitive stores, but the store is always so crowded. The isles have pallets all in them, you can barely get youra cart around. If you need assistance, they have to call on the intercom repeatedly and still no one comes. I cringe if for some reason I have to go there.
  • After reading these articles, I hate Best Buy even more: Best Buy scams on customers: Best Buy’s bait-and-switch on prices: Lawyers for Best Buy altering documents:
  • absolutely won't shop at wal-mart, EVER, I also try to avoid Food Lion whenever possible, and I would choose best buy over circuit city ANYDAY.
  • I don't like to shop at chain grocery stores where they try to get you in with a good price on a couple of things but everything else is sky high. Wal-mart prices are the best. I also don't like the high end department stores like Hollister that charge 3x the price for a piece of clothing that is only designed for young people trying to be "in".
  • I don't usually shop at 'big box' stores...especially WalMart because of their abysmal record of treatment of their employees
  • I boycott walmart. There are many reasons but one I try to tell everyone is that their special kitty dry cat food made my cat very sick. He almost died from bladder blockage. I am 100% sure it was from that food.
  • I will not shop at walmart. If they were the last store on earth, I would grow my own food and make my own clothes. I abhor their business practices and refuse to give my money to people who are rude to me. That and they never have enough cashiers. 44 check-outs and 3 people working - WTF?? I do not shop at Sears, Penny's, or other large department stores like that. Just don't like 'em. Sam's Club, Costco - other membership-type stores, nope. Not buying for the priviledge of spending my money with you. Too many other retailers who will treat me well. I really don't mind paying a few dollars more for things when I am treated like a valued customer and not just some irritation in the cashier's day. Besy Buy is okay for what little I purchase from them. I prefer Manifest for used CDs as opposed to buying new. The others mentioned, Home Depot, Lowe's, I have no feelings one way or the other. Lowe's has gotten a large chunk of my hard-earned money, but I have a nice house and garden to show for it. Great question, ABob!
  • i don't like shopping @ k mart scs mi. i got durty looks from the front end, supervisors . they wouldn't give me a price that was advertised. i tried not shopping there as much as possible, because i'd go in there and the front end kept up the drama, time and time again.
  • I won't shop at any store that uses the PA system for their own internal communications. "Housewares, pick up on line 4" "John Jones, please report to the manager's office." "two two please, two two"
  • Wal-Mart. I hate wal-mart. They treat their employees horribly and put a ton of local businesses out of business when they come to a town.
  • I don't buy ANYTHING at Best Buy. I do my electronic shopping directly from online merchants. However, when shopping for big ticket items, I do visit Best Buy to see the item(s) before commiting online. For a membership club I exclusively go to Costco., they are very upscale and the selections are great., Sam's Club is just a $60.00 a year Wal-Mart. When I was at the top of my financial pinnacle, Wal-mart NEVER played a role in my weekly shopping. Now, I depend on them and several of their selected (by me) items a few times a week. For Home Improvement. The Home Depot. 98% of the time for several reasons: lowest prices vs. Lowes, More choices and some terrific associates, (there a few bad apples in there). I rarely get buy from Lowes, If I do, it will be something exclusively offered by them that cannot be purchase anywhere else. I get my milk ONLY from Aldi because their price is absolutely the best deal in town ($2.49 for a gallon). That's the only thing I get there. Nothing else in there is appealing to me as I don't see quality in their products. I don't do Target. I don't do Kmart or Sears. I don't do BJ's. I don't do JCPenney, Ros or Kohls.
  • I hate shopping at any store where sales people work on commission. Just leave me alon, if I have a qustion I will find you, if I decide to buy something I will find you, if you follow me around the store any closer or ask if I am still doing alright I will leave.
  • I shop where I damn well please. Don't like WM? Fine, the employees took the job, don't like how they treat them? Then don't work there. Really simple for the average 15 year old. I shop where I get bargains, of course I do hit WinCo as the prices are often lower then WM, but I'll hit WM as they do have low prices on electronics and bedding and other stuff. I do hit a local non-profit, but would you by a bedding that's probably been whizzed, come or other gross stuff been placed on it? EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

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