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  • Im a girl. Be yourself, Be confident in yourself. I think the key factor in the relationship is your personality more than looks.
  • No, I don't think big boobs matter after the first five minutes. They are eye catching, and tend to get instant attention. But if the person to whom they are attached is not interesting herself, then I lose interest very quickly. Boobs just need to be big enough to say girl, not boy. I have never (to my knowledge) encountered fake boobs, but I think they would put me off - in part because of the insecurity and/or narcissism they show.
  • If you base a physical quality above other things, the relationship is doomed from the start. Boobs can can an added quality, but thats ALL preference. I could care less. I dont care for fake ones though. I like natural. Dont be who you arent.
  • Nice breasts of any size may attract someone but they don't keep their attention forever. It isn't any factor in a real relationship. Relationships are based on feelings, and your heart, your interests, not on what either of you look like. The physical things just don't make for a good lasting relationship. It's so superficial. Whatever size breasts you have, wear them proudly and with confidence, like you love them. Be happy with them and that is what others will see.
  • For me, it's not important.
  • Boobs are boobs. As long as they don't have the consistency of a potato sack, they're fine with me.
  • I have never been big (36B) and that has been ok with me. I hear more rude comments about big breasts than nice ones. They are an eye catcher but that is it and i have found better ways to catch someones eye. I have never thought about getting a boob job sister has 38D and she hates them
  • While I prefer women with them. The beauty is in the inside first. I agree with the superficial statement. Unfortunately in our society we are bombarded and many and I mean many women try to accent their figure rather than hide it. Most by a far margin men appreciate the women's accenting efforts. I don't make the rules they were there a long time before me.
  • No !! They are not a key factor in my book. I think women can be sexy short, tall, skinny, chunky, big boobs, small boobs, or medium boobs.Of course, I'm more of an ass man anyway. Confidence is sexy !!
  • boobs are boobs, while I never go for the big ones or fake ones, certainly wouldnt turn them away! I like my boobs like I like my biscuits.. small and natural...
  • Honestly, "Boobs" couldn't matter less to me in a relationship. If I'm in a relationship with someone, I'm in it with themand for them, not for whatever happens to reside on their chest.
  • Many men (like me) are put off by artificial breasts--just as many women are put off men who wear toupees. Huge heavy breasts, natural or not, just don't do it for me. Give me what you have any day.
  • I like personality over looks, but on purely physical attraction, "if a girl has a nice slim body..."(or at least healthy) I kinda prefer small to average over HUGE! And fake to me is sorta a turn-off!(it speaks volumes about self-esteem issues) But, I'm more of a fanny man myself.
  • ...Boobs are not a factor in a relationship at all. Nobody is going to stay with you because of your breasts. Not going to happen. They can only hold attention for so long. They're a factor in just hooking up I'm sure, but past that initial physical thing, they aren't important and even then, not very much. as far as that body type you said being attractive, different guys have different tastes. *shrug* it really comes down to the individuals involved. and fake breasts? TOTALLY UNATTRACTIVE. as far as I'm concerned, not in the least bit appealing. At all. Huge turn off. Most guys I know say they definitely prefer small ones to fake ones. I have such a hard time respecting someone that has them honestly. Unless you like...lost a breast somehow and this was reconstructive, or were transgender and this was helping your transformation, I see no reason why people should do that. I'd also understand a mother or something trying to get a little support with a breast lift or something, but other than that...don't. like them.
  • If I ever found out that my boobs were a key factor in my relationship, I would probably laugh hysterically, and the go out and find myself a more mature partner.
  • Boobs are in no way a key factor in a relatioship. If he's only with you for cup size you can do better. And if there's no personality the guy's just going to lose interest in her from the neck up and the realtionship will fall a part. That said even though I was with a guy who could care less that I'm far from buxom I still had body issues with my build. Not from him, but from myself (lovely left over from being teased and having guys dump me for my bigger chested friends). He did his best to support me and make me fee good, but the issue still came up a lot.
  • I would never, and I mean never say that breasts are a key factor in a relationship. Seriously. I can think of a hundred things that are sooooo much more important factors in a relationship. If someone is basing a relationship solely off of breast size, or even looks in general, there are problems. (I'm not saying that having physical attraction isn't important, but I am saying that basing a relationship solely off looks is completely idiotic...there has to be more to the relationship than just sexual attraction.)
  • Stop being such a follower and dare to decide what "you" like, not what the "key factor" is...who cares what others like... life is too short to sweat the small stuff.
  • Im a guy. For me it is not important. The actual person and their character is what really attracts me. (I actually prefer small boobs rather than giant.) and if they are fake then I personally think that is sorta sad. My opinion anyway.
  • Aye..she is attractive with a slim body, but more so if she has nice boobs and all natural is always preferred.
  • people tend to make it seem that they are VERY important... but in reality its your character and personality thats really winnig them over. (boobs could be a plus...?)
  • The relationship itself, no. But, Im sure it effects the initial attraction but after you get to know someone it matters less n less. But, hey Ima chick, this is a guess. Some dudes are juust always horny and perverted so I could be wrong!
  • I always laugh how my boyfriend says he's more of a leg man than a boob man (I'm slim with a 34B chest), yet if a large set of breasts and a nice set of legs were to walk by he'd definitely staring at the boobs...I think its some men's disregard for what erally should matter that makes women feel they may need breast implants. I know I have a proportionate body and look good but still feel totally insecure when he acts like that. Its even made me consider implants a few times, but then a give my head a good Guys, we know you like big boobs just don't open your mouth and drool everytime a nice set walks by!!
  • Let's see...key factors in my relationship... Honesty - check. Loyalty - check. Compassion - check. Humor - check. Boobs - how did that get in there? First, I can't remember the last time I even called them boobs. Secondly, no, they are not a key factor, not a factor, not even a qualifier for a good relationship.
  • Reading all these answers from the guys makes me wonder where the testosterone has gone. We're guys, we are genetically wired to like breasts. On the Man Show a few years ago Jimmy Kimble was asked by a woman why men are obsessed with breasts. He gave the perfect answer, he looked like the dumbest question in the world was asked and answered " its like asking..... why do we breath". My GF says the day I stop looking at breasts is the day I am dead. We tease each other and comment on breasts on women and asses on men. She knows men like to look. Size isn't important, sensitifity is. Why would a woman have her breasts altered (except to make them smaller) and risk affecting the nerves? I have felt the old silicone injected breasts from over 30 years ago, and they are gross. The new jel implants are much better, but still feel a bit fake. (I'm a family doc, and no, I don't find it erotic to check a woman's breasts clinically. Although I can't help it, but I am much more nervous when the women has attractive breasts.) Sex is going to be a part of a relationship that I won't give up and I love to play with my partner's breasts and she loves it as well. She likes that I appreciate her breasts more than anyone before. If she lost her breasts due to cancer, I would make do without them, but I would not have been with her from the start if she didn't enjoy my breast fixation. So, I think it is one of the key factors in starting a relationship, but not so much a key factor in maintaining a relationship. That is when the personality, etc come in to play.
  • Women are beautiful whether they have large or small. That doesn't change anything. They are cool to see but it isn't everything.
  • You should never change yourself to please someone else. A man loves big one's, small one's and medium ones. Different men prefer different shapes and sizes. Big ass's small ass's. There is someone for everyone. If you are having confidence issues changing the way you look is not the answer.You have to love yourself for who you are.Remember you can't buy love or bribe it either. Let someone love you for you not the size of you tata's
  • key? heck NO they are just a small part of the physical part of a relationship, and the slim bofy with small boobs is just as nice as one that is slim with big breasts, the realness does have a small effect because if it is obvious they are fake then not cool, but if it is just a little then now the quality is almost as the real thing. Dr.'s have made sure of that.
  • If you’re asking me, do you have to be a boob before I will date you? Looking at my track record I would it seems. Seriously, it isn't a deal wrecker, but it a "nice to have" and I have no problem with artificial enhancement. I've always said "Plastic fruit looks more delicious. lol
  • I don't really care about the size of the boobs.
  • I love boobs. Medium ones or smallish ones preferable. (I met a giant woman of a club dancer with the hugest knockers and, maybe cause she towered over me also, was quite um intimidating.. ;) Not had experience with fake boobs though so can't really say. But whatever size or genuinicity, they aren't the deciding factor for me.
  • Any guy who believes that is a boob himself this whole line of thinking is bogus
  • Not at all. Boobs are great, but if a woman doesn't have them there's other ways to attract men. I don't have any chest, but it doesn't mean I'm not good. I have a fun personality, I'm ready to try almost anything, I give anyone a chance, and am there at any time my man needs me. I keep my man wanting more and to see me again.
  • Definately dont like fake. Slim and slender is ok, obviously given the choice most guys and myself would choose slim with big boobs. But thats not always possible. I would prefer a petite girl with small boobs, than a big girl with big boobs though
  • Boobs are not all important, I like that a girl can hold a conversation and has an opinion, the looks are secondary. I love boobs and all girls have them, I just take what is handed to me at the time, I do prefer natural, but once again if they come enhanced then no problems there either and if skinny and small then still just fine. Boobs are not a key factor, I have had g/f's that range from A cup to DD cup and it has not affected my relationship with them.
  • Boobs are fro women who think that is the only way to get a man.
  • I wouldn't say it's a "key factor", but nice boobs is a big plus. But they don't have to be big. My ex had rather small ones but she was very hot anyway. My current girlfriend has big boobs and I love them :). It's hard to say what the attraction of boobs are - but they can be beautiful!
  • Wow... Multiple questions... Do girls/or guys think boobs are a key factor in a relationship? Certainly not. There is more to a relationship than just sex, boobs, and the physical stuff. :D what's the big attraction to them? Men tend to want what they can't get their hands on (and, sorry, but so do women). Women keep them covered up the majority of the time so men stare in wonder of what they look like out of the clothing... It's not true for all men, but I read it somewhere, so it's true for some.. I guess... if a girl has a nice slim body and small boobs, is she still attractive? Most certainly. Breast size shouldn't be important to men. It's what's inside that counts... are they any less "quality" if they're fake? No! If she's happy with them, then I'm happy. I hope my opinions help... I'm not good with this sorta stuff considering I like girls with self-confidence and a good personality. Pretty eyes are a bonus. Anyway, a boob is a boob no matter how big or small, natural or not... They aren't used for anything other than sex and breast-feeding infants during motherhood... I hope this helps... :D
  • I think "who she is" is more of a factor in a relationship than the content of fat cells in her breasts.
  • Boobs not a factor for me. They are boobs and guys don't have them. I love that body type, yes very attractive. Yes they are a little less quality. they are too firm, not as soft.
  • Let me put it like this for me im attracted to a certain type of woman. women with big breasts. A girl with small breast can look good but I just doesn't do anything for me. But even with that there are over 3 billion men! We all have different taste and different desires so asking a question like this is a waste time because big breast vs little breast is 100% opinions not fact.
  • Boobs arent that big of a factor to me. Im more of an ass man. As long as she has boobs im fine, even if they are small. But this is just my own opinion. Boobs i think are overrated sometimes.
  • No it's not a key factor but it can be relative to someones attractiveness. I'm more about hips, ass, and thighs, if we're talking below the neck but eyes, lips, and hair and face I think are the most important features. I like voluptous women not skinny girls so....most of them have pretty big breasts great but either way. And yes they are very much less quality if they're fake. When you feel doesn't even feel like a boob to me.
  • Small is fine, fake is not. I'd rather have small. That's how God made you.
  • I have 32 C boobs and am a szie 10. I am far more proud of how blue my eyes are and how dark my hair is, than my boobs though, I do sometimes feel like someone would be dissapointed. They are just a little over a handfull (MY handfull) I have girls hand though :) I wish I could accept them though.
  • Anything fake is of less quality.
  • Boobs add to the feminine charm. You will come across many jobs and relationships where a "big boobed" girl will have an easier time than a "ironing board" girl.

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