• The minds of most men are so closed and cluttered that the slightest showing of a female nipple would cause an uproar..not sure.
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      If that didn't happen, we would have been an LGBTQ society thousands of years ago.
  • Sure, I don't have a problem with it. I don't think it can scar children, or the old people who think that it can.
  • No I don't. People's definition of non-sexual varies greatly. Showing a breast is mostly sexual to me. It either means I'm about to be nursed or it's my wife's and it's strictly between us in our marriage. I see my wife's breasts in non-sexual instances as well, but that is still between me and her and not the public or the children. Of what benefit would it be? None, except to decensitize people from seeing nudity. Would it do more good than harm? No, what good would come of it... it would only instill nude images into the minds of youths at an earlier age than is already happening thanks to the internet. Your naked body is yours and should really only be shared with your significant other in my opinion. I can see no benefits to public nudity, sexual or not.
  • I wouldn't condone it. It would be considered very indecent in my opinion, and with everyone walking around nude, there is still the risk of sexual activity happening e.g. squeezing of a boob
  • i think that a lot of the allure of nudity is that it is taboo. if it weren't naughty and illegal to walk around with no pants on "private" parts wouldn't be so enticing, they'd be more everyday and normal. it's like the cookie jar .... don't stick your hand in that cookie jar .... then what's the first thing the kid wants to do?
  • Wow, wouldn't that be one huge orgy party?! I dont have a problem with it at all, although I think it would cause international devastation.
  • I would not have a problem with it if it was in special area.
  • It should be encouraged. Of course at first there will be shock and awe - remember what happened with the "wardrobe malfunction"? However over time things would change. The bikinis worn at the beach today would send people into shock a few decades ago. Today people barely notice. If nudity became more common, people would have less hangups about it and would develop a healthier attitude towards the human body. The porn industry would probably collapse, causing slight unemployment but nothing that we couldn't survive.
  • Yes it should be allowed. The human body is beautiful. It is not sinful or dirty.
  • no, not everyone wants to see that
  • As a naturist my answer to this is pretty obvious, I think non-sexual (& the non-sexual part is important) nudity is healthy & should be allowed on beaches, in pools, some areas of public parks (like in Germany) & your own garden. I've no desire to walk naked in the high street or go nude in the supermarket but I do think the attitude towards the human body in some countries (UK, USA, Australia etc.) is a bit odd & we could learn from some European countries where they seem to be better at separating nudity & sex.
  • There is no nonsexual nudity. It is one of the subtle ways pedophiles groom their victims. They try to minimize it and tell their victims its natural/normal/nothing wrong with it. But there IS SOMETHING WRONG with adults wanting to see naked children other than to tend to their excretion or bathing needs.
    • Linda Joy
      Also, like Pearl said, not everyone wants to see that! Not everyone looks good in the nude, either! And once you see something you can't un-see it!!
    • Linda Joy
      Also breasts are to men what laser lights are to cats! They'd be distracted at the sight of them. They'd never get any work done!
  • Why, to provide more opportunities to molest children? I think that is a TERRIBLE idea!
  • How do you stop it being non-sexual?
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      by being too ugly to look at.
  • Non-sexual nudity is indecent exposure. State laws are clear about nudity around children. There are private facilities were nudity is allowed, including bike riding events.
  • no ..cause its not decent .man has worn clothes since adam was a pup .. .... but eeewwww i dont want to look at strangers naked, men or women.. also id Hate to sit on the same seat as them. ewwww again!!!
    • Linda Joy
      They sit on towels. I learned this from Thinker.
    • mushroom
      "man has worn clothes since adam was a pup" Well, it was only after the apple incident.
  • In the US, there is still a pervasive Victorian-era attitude about nudity. This varies in some places where there are permissive laws regarding being topless or nude in certain public places, for example at beaches If you want a chuckle, there are various videos of nude full-body painted folk prancing around publicly to see how many double takes they may elicit from passers-by.
  • No, because most naked people are gross to look at. Only about 1/100 or 1% have decent enough bodies.
  • We don't want to see your junk.
  • No. Imagine going to the buffet or about anywhere to eat. The sight of a bunch of nude fat people like me is enough to make most people lose their appetite. I know I don't want to see it, why would I inflict it upon anybody else?
  • Do you think an explosion in rape cases should be allowed? There is no such thing as "non-sexual nudity" as long as sexual predators exist.
  • If men can go topless, so can women.
  • There is no such thing. Hence why they violate public decency laws.
  • In the beginning when the Lord God created man He made them naked. When He took Adam's rib and made woman she too was naked. In Genesis 1:31, the Lord God looked over all He had made and said it was very good. When Eve then Adam disobeyed the command to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil their eyes were opened to the things of the world and out of shame covered their genitals. This was not due to shame of the body but to protect those parts of the body that produce new life from Satan. Later the Lord God gave them skins of animals and sent an angel to teach them how to sew so they would be protected from the climate outside of the Garden of Eden. Nudity should be considered sexual only when it is in relationship to sexual enjoyment. Nudity is not, in itself, dirty or sinful. Learn the truth of the Bible and not the lies of Gnostic teaching.

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