• No. Because I am a bad photographer. My pictures always come up blurry for some reason?
  • No I am afraid I have not, cameras like most other small electronic type objects do not like me very much. They turn very nasty when I make an attempt to use them. Even texting on a cell phone that silly text curses at me all the time and I have terrible trouble getting it to go away and leave me to just type out a message.
  • yes, I love taking pictures and I'm quite proud of many of them.
  • Yeah, I love pictures and I'm pretty good at it. A couple of them actually became postcards.
  • I've had quite a few people tell me that my baseball action photos could easily be used for magazines or baseball cards. (Even the players I take photos of give me compliments)
  • No, I've taken some pictures and though "Hmmm... I am a photographer" Anyone who takes a photo is a photographer, whether they're a *Skilled* photographer or not is another matter entirely.
  • Nope,but I have took a picture and said"Maybe I should'nt quit my day job.."
  • Yeah, I have 2 that I'm just in love with. It may not even be that good to other people's standards... But they're creative and I love them. The sunset: The ONLY thing that was photo shopped was the fading on the corners. I couldn't find the original. The other one- I took that in Tokyo in April 2006.
  • :) i am a photographer.
  • I have had several say I often get very close to being good. I can no longer "be" anything. It happens less and less as I grow more accustomed to my new lot in life. *sniff*
  • Yes, I took one at Rum Point in Cayman Islands, oh, it is beautiful, I framed it. No one believes I took it.
  • Used to
  • A couple. One I took of my son's wedding in Mexico of the newly married couple and a sunset. Looks very nice.
  • Yep, even took photography classes to better hone my skills, but I don't have the time to even pick up my camera now. :(
  • Only maybe 3 or 4 but when I get enough, I'm going to make a calendar out of them for Christmas gifts for my family and friends.
  • Lol, haha..yeah..
  • all the time, i even started carrying my camera and then I did a shoot for a wedding... then i got sick of it lol
  • Yes, especially when I'm on a trip. Sometimes I even think of selling some of my travel pics to magazines or websites. It's just a thought though.
  • No although my parents and some family members say I would make a nice photographer! :)
  • Be careful of what you wish for... The Professional photographer has to know 'way more than how to take a pretty picture. Aside from camera and lighting techniques, there's photomanipulation software to learn. There's also dealing with customers, labs, competition, deadlines... It can be a true Rush, but you've got to bring some skills with you, along with your artistic eye. Try a basic photo course at your Community College. It may open your eyes to both the Glamour and Reality of Photography!
  • Yes, once in a while a real 'beaut turns up. Although I know I'm not good enough to do this professionaly I do submit a few to our local newspapers "Viewpoint" where they ask readers to submit their photos of the date I have had around 50 published in the last two years. The beauty of digital photography is that you can shoot off hundreds of pic's,download them to the PC and just keep the best. For instance, I took 780 pictures,4 cards full, at a MotoX meeting a few weeks back and kept just 57 of them all excellent,in the past this would have been beyond most of us with the cost of the film and developing. Using this method all of us are bound to get some real gems. I use Picasa on the PC,best thing since sliced bread,so easy,I have some 7,000 excellent pictures stored on here.....I must have taken literaly hundreds of thousands to get them.
  • I did once, but I was recently told by the Museum of Modern Art that I was wrong. :-( Took me a long time to see how common a skill it is. I breathed once and it was refreshing and I thought, "Hmmm... I could be a breather" and think the feelings were similar.
  • ha no!

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