• There are. But they aren't common. Three phases have enough advantages over two, that three phases systems are common. A third phase gives you redundancy, and more efficient transfer of energy for electric motors (a primary use in industry). Six phases gives you slightly more efficient power transmission, but the generators and consumers are more expensive and complex. Therefore, applications where a six-phase generator is worth the effort are rare.
  • I was talking to some of the developers for General Electric, and for the grid power it was examined. Each increase in sets of three (to keep balance) in fact made smoother electricity (3,6,9,12 phase). But for the amount of extra wire (and cost) that would have to be strung across the country it was called diminishing return; not advantageous. To learn more try a website called; the Edison Tech Center of Schenectady, NY.
  • The same reason there isn't a 16 cylinder Jaguar. Mo isn't necessarily better.

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