• Zoos are right. They get people the opportunity to see animals they would never see in their life. It's like a minimal grade prison for them. Commissary is always full.
  • im not sure what i think because on one hand the animals are kept locked up and have people gawping at them all day and on the other they are fed and looked after. i think they would be much happier in the wild though. safari parks are better because they can roam around in the open
  • I think I'd rather be in a zoo then be out in the wild if I was an animal..
  • in the 50's when animals were kept in 10x10 cement squares, yes. but most zoo's try to recreate natural surroundings, and for some breeds the only place they are successfully breeding are zoos. while it seems cruel. where elese can you see most of the animals of the world in a couple of hours?
  • No. Modern zoos treat their animals very well and do more than anyone else to keep animal populations in the wild. There is no reason to oppose these wonderful places.
  • Yes because the animals are often mistreated or die in a zoo's custody due to lack of professional care and concern.
  • i think it is wrong to keep animasl in cages and put themon display for humans. Its different if they are trying to save an endangered species that are suffering because of human interuption but the animals that they keep there purely to lure people to stare and point at them is ethically wrong. Some animals really cant live in cages. Theres this bear at Taronga zoo in sydney that is constantly pacing back and forth because captivity has made it go insane.
  • Not if you live with Tarzan.
  • Only for the prices they charge for snacks.

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