• War is always bad, although bad is a mild word for what war really is. War is evil. It's heartache, destruction, and death. Pain and pestilence. People starving with no money and no place to live. War means shattered lives and broken spirits. War is the Dark Side, triumphant in all its sick and twisted glory.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Any soldier worth his salt should be antiwar. And still there are things worth fighting for. - Norman Schwarzkopf
  • It certainly keeps the population of humans down. Nevertheless, its bad.
  • War is -always- wrong. The big corporations & politicians are always the winners. Real human beings are always the losers. My 2 cents.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      War is not always wrong.
  • For the munitions and armaments business, War is what makes the world go around! :|
  • Bad for the victims. Good for the makers of arms.
  • WAR ~ What Is It Good For?
    • Bootsiebaby
      My thoughts exactly, Dracool.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      How about ending the Third Reich? That seemed like a pretty good reason to me.
  • war is not always wrong or evil. war is a big money maker for governments. war is the testing ground for new weapons. war is not about losing people's lives. there wasnt any draft for the Iraq invasion. People thought that they were defending the freedom of people everywhere. The use of the National Guard was not right. Yet, The Guard realized they were supposed to be guarding the usa. Yet they went where they were sent.
  • We " war" because of Satan... Jehovah God does NOT approve... (Psalm 46:9) He is bringing an end to wars throughout the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; He burns the military wagons with fire. Weapons of war and vehicles of war...all equipment designed for war, will be destroyed...
    • Hardcore Conservative
      God even gave his angels swords because he knows that you can't solve all your problems with kind words. Psalm 144:1
    • mushroom
      That's correct. Believing the "golden rule" cam solve all our problems is na?ve. Instead, learn to tolerate your neighbor, not slaughter him.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      And when your neighbor wants to chop your head off? Or maybe wants to exterminate your people? I guess you answer is to just let them, right?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Matthew 10:34
  • Edwin Starr answered this question many years ago.
  • That depends on whether you're a peacemaker or an arms dealer.
  • War is a business where the rich and connected cut down on the "stock" of the proletariat. Thus whether it's "good" or "bad" depends on where you stand in the platform of power.
  • It depends on your perspective. I've read all the comments below and it seems that universally, everyone thinks that war is bad pretty much no matter what. With that idea, I'm going to have to disagree. Sure, war is a terrible thing. Gen Robert E Lee said, "It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it." But is there nothing worth fighting for? Nothing that you would sacrifice for? Ponder that for a bit and there is your answer.
  • It depends on if you belong to the side who instigated it or the side defending.
  • All wars from the beginning of time have been fought for only three reasons usually a combination of the three; 1) Greed, 2) politics, 3) land acquisition. In general wars are bad for those who do the actual fighting but good for those who fiance or gain from the war.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      We didn't acquire any land in WW1 or WW2. We staved off aggression, not only for ourselves but for many other peoples.
    • Thinker
      Aww but you forget the Rothschilds financed all sides in WWll making many millions. I am sure they also financed all sides in WWII as well. There is your greed. Then there were the many manufactures who also made many millions on equipment to keep the troops in the field. More greed. Then afterwards the Jews regained their lands in Palestine. Politics maneuvered situations into war. The assassination of the grand duke that started WWI. Don't just look at the surface you can see but also those behind the scene such as the Rothschild's and the other parts of the shadow government including the Illuminati.
    • pugwashjw65
      Have to agree with Thinker on who benefits from war...Only the arms manufacturers...Right now the Australian government is waxing on about building some army vehicles, implying the countries money worries will be solved...So wrong... (Psalm 46:9) He is bringing an end to wars throughout the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; He burns the military wagons with fire. And WW 2 was caused by Germany wanting the oil of the Caucacus [ South Russia ] and the Japanese wanting all raw materials for their early industry...They get it now by trade...and they could have done that instead of starting problems at Pearl Harbour
  • It's stupid, like bull fighting. Make love, not war. Not nearly as messy.
    • Archie Bunker
      But sometimes necessary.
  • War is never good. It may be successful in accomplishing its mission but never say war is good
  • It's usually good for the economy but bad for people.
  • War is never waged just for the sake of fighting and killing. It always has goals and objectives. The American revolution was a long and bloody war involving Americans, Native tribesmen, and other European allies and enemies. The goals and objectives were freedom from the tyranny of colonial England. It was successful. I'm sure the history books in the UK describe it differently than do the history books here in the US. So also with all the wars we have been involved in. Always a reason to go to war. Many of the wars that were instigated in the past were with the goal of obtaining slaves and resources from another society. The winners history of those wars is far different from the losers history. So, war is not "evil" nor is it good or bad. It is simply a human endeavor waged out of need or greed or defense.
  • Engaging in war is ALWAYS immoral. SOMEtimes it is the least immoral option available (for example: if your nation is being invaded by foreign armed forces, you use your own armed forces in an attempt to defend your nation and its people)...but it's STILL IMMORAL. (It's just not AS immoral as - for instance, in the previous example - allowing foreign armed forces to freely rape, kill, pillage and plunder your people and nation).
    • Linda Joy
      Did God command the Israelites to 'immorally' invade the promised land and utterly destroy everyone in the land?
      Again: sometimes it is the least immoral option available (which is practically identical to saying: it is the most moral option available). We see QUITE A BIT of this in the Old Testament. See, for example, laws regarding the taking of slaves of conquered cities (the only REASONABLE alternative, one providing slightly greater safety: eradication of the entire enemy population, man, woman and child), laws regarding the death penalty (the technology for secure prisons simply did not exist then, nor guaranteed rehabilitation techniques...), etc. The Old Testament is RIFE with God giving the Israelites instructions that were - not supremely moral - but,rather, the least immoral option reasonably available to the Israelites.
  • It depends on who wins. lol😉
  • war is BAD..... the countries should talk and work out conflicts.... COMPROMISE
  • War is perceived as bad, because it's what a nation does when all better options are exhausted, yet a settlement cannot be agreed upon.
  • Rich Americans love it. Example Who owns Halliburton Company and what do they do? Thats only 1 example.

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