• Sure! My aunt and uncle are from Wyoming, and they were rather alive. I suppose the answer would be quite different if you asked if you could have life without salt, water, and/or a body of some sort. Or could you mean could life come into existence without a body of salt water? That I don't know, and the answer is not yet known, although people have hypotheses about this question. Perhaps a more specific question?
  • Life in similar forms to how we know it could not exist without water, because water is too vital as a solvent for biologically active molecules. However, there is no requirement that water for life contain salts, that is merely how it happened here. Furthermore, life as we *don't* know it could conceivably exist anywhere that potential energy can be kept separate from and in disequilibrium with its environment, which opens up the possibility of very different forms of life existing between atmospheric layers on a gas giant, or as plasma on the surfaces of stars. Robert Forward's science fiction (for example) is entirely speculative, however his science is remarkably sound.
  • The question you ask referrs to water that contains more than just salt. Sea Water contains a host of other elements. Life needs certain elements to function properly. If all the water in the world was not salt water but instead was exactly like the fresh water of the Great Lakes, the human race would be stunted. Iodine, plentiful in ocean creatures, is lacking in areas far to the inland. Iodine is an essential element, and if it is deficent the thyroid will swell, and the idodine containing hormones will not be present, leading to abnormal developement in growing children. Life can exist as long as: 1. Temperatures are within an acceptable range. 2. The elements needed for life exist in a proper phase, and in the right compounds. 3. Radioactivity is not too high. 4. Osmotic, Atmospheric, and/or water pressure is not to high or low. 5. Harmful compounds do not exist in to high of a quantity (like free radicals, posions) 6. Pre-existing life begets living organisms. The sea water contains many elements and compounds needed by living organisms. While sure, you could raise an organism in a lab, in a closed world with no sea water, it wouldn't be easy to live without the elements from the sea. If the sea water didn't have these elements, there would have to be another source of them, or life could not exist.

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