• You can't stop it completely. Some people just have oily skin. My daughter has very oily skin and her doctor suggested that she wash her face more often, about 3 or 4 times a day with a cleanser that is made to treat blackheads and to follow it up with a toner and moisturizer also made to treat blackheads (My guess is that the products that are made to treat blackheads are really tough on oily skin as well). Also, do not skimp on the moisturizer because if your skin gets too dry it will actually produce more oil. A good moisturizer will keep it in check. This regime has worked very well for my daughter.
  • The other critical thing is that if you use foundation, try to use a powder. I use Aveda with my oily skin. I also make sure to apply it once in the a.m., and to use oil-absorbing face tissues (very inexpensive at most drug stores) to take off the shine without adding makeup. If you just keep applying powder, you'll look unnatural, and you'll clog your pores. Finally, going make-up free (as I've done for about a year) has really improved my skin.
  • Just because you have oily skin doesn't mean it will always be oily, or that the problem is that there's too much oil. A common misconception with oily skin is that you should dry it out with cleansers and moisturizers that have little to no moisture. In reality, this could create even oilier skin because your skin isn't getting enough oil on the outside, so it's producing more on its own. You need to find a good balance of products that you use that work for you. Unfortunately, with your skin it would be harder to find good products, but it can be done. Don't assume because your skin is oily you should be using all products that contain little to no oil, you could be making it worse. Contact me for further help if you need it!

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